Cray Pot

by ditch on October 21, 2013

RD 11 Results.

Results from Rd 11 trip to Echuca. Crays 12.12.84 def Emus 2.4.16. Goals. Crays. Nathan Cooper 4 with singles to Brad Hallum, Andrew Leonard, Steve Teunon, Kenny Dube, Adrian Williams, Kirk Wilson, Mick Andrews, Wayne Schilg. Emus. Bill Smith, Bruce McMahon. Best. Crays. Mick Andrews, Kirk Wilson, Kade Duells, Nathan Cooper, Anthony Mimmo, Ken Dube, Andrew Leonard. Emus. Chris Hagan, Justin Voss, Jason Verhaven, Bruce McMahon, Billy Smith. Thanks to the Echuca boys for their hospitality. Bloody top weekend away. Thats it for the 2017 footy season except for the Footy Carnival, Footy Trip, Presentation Night so basically its not over as Pre-Season starts Wednesday 11th Oct at Wodonga Senior Secondary College. Check out Vid and Photo’s from Echuca. crays vid 1


Team Selection


Crays 50 Gamers.


Action shots


More action shots same photo.


Jock’s Injury.

Rd 11 we play our traditional rivals Echuca on their turf in our last game for the season. The Crays and Echuca have enjoyed a traditional friendly rivalry which goes back to 2010 when the Crays joined the Vic Country League, so we usually play the Echuca Boys a couple of times a year. This game is an overnighter and is Drews and Ditch’s 50th game for the Crays. The clash is on Saturday 26th August and that night the Emus Golden Egg draw so she’ll be a big weekend indeed. Been a great season so we’ll have to finish off with a win. Its on.

RD10 Giants vs Crays Wrap. Saturday we travelled to Murchison Football Ground to take on the Giants. Murchison played Ardmona and as Ardmona dont have a Senior team we played directly after the Ressies. We’ve had the wood on the Giants since they joined the League in our 3 games so far defeating them 3 times. However this time the tables were turned as they defeated us by 32 points. Final score saw Goulburn Valley Giants 11.5.71 def Murray Crays 6.3.39. Goals. Giants. Travis Wayman 5, Shane Stoll 2, Alex Grant 2, Gary Hallum 1, Ian Thompson 1. Crays. Leigh Clark 2, Nathan Cooper 2, Steve Teunon 1, Brad Hallum 1. Best. Giants. Mick Tuhan, Shane Stoll, Jarrod Thorpe, John Wilson, Gary Hallum, Rob Hearn, Ken McGregor, Travis Wayman. Crays. Tim Mooney (Mug), Pete Summerfield (Urban Graze), Nathan Cooper (V-Line), Mick Andrews (Tasco Fuel), Danny Steel (Stump Hotel), Brad Hallum (Six Pack), Phil Kelly (Howlong Golf Club), Wayne Schilg (ditchead). Thanks Giants for looking after us on the Saturday, Murchison Footy Club, JD driving the bus. 1.30pm the boys got home. we struggled with numbers and had the bare 18 but we had a go. Great effort Boys. Next Game and last game is against Echuca Saturday 26th August in Echuca.

RD 9 Murray Crays vs Samaria Suns Results. Crays hosted Samaria Suns on Sunday at Wodonga High School. Bloody top day weatherwise with the ground in top nick. They’re certainly a tough opponent as we havn’t beaten them the two years they’ve been in the League. Suns 12.7.79 def Crays 3.5.23.  Goals. Az 1, Skins 1, Rat 1. Best. Irish (Stump Hotel), Juddy (Tasco Fuel), Teuns (Mug), Kenny (6 pack), Phil K (ditchead), Berko (V-line), Richo (Urban Graze), Rat (Howlong Golf Club). Rat also scored the opposition best player 6 pack. Thanks Youngy Coaching, Stuey Umpiring, Grieser’s young bloke, Joel Baker and Bo Campbell Boundary Umpires. Mossy and Bakes goal Umpires, Tara strapping rubdowns, Kim scoreboard, Vinno runner, Notso BBQ, Willo the Bar, High School Curators, Crays, Suns and everyone that rocked up. Top day except we lost. Well done Teuns on reaching your 50th and in the best as you can see dominating in the ruck against the suns. Next game Rd 10 Crays vs Giants in Kyabram Sat 12th August. Day trip.

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In Rd 9 the Cray’s host the Suns at Wodonga Senior Secondary School on this Sunday at 1pm. Blue Strip. Steve Teunon plays his 50th game on Sunday and joins Moons as a 50 gamer. Well done boys. check out the line ups below.



B: Dowell, Judge, J.Campbell.

HB: Dube, Andrews, Brown.

C: Anderson, Ditch, Schilg.

HF: Leonard, Mooney, Summerfield.

F: A.Campbell, Cooper, R.Williams.

Foll: Teunon, A.Williams, McFaull.

Int: Mimmo, Vincent, Grieshaber, Kelly.


B: Pearce, Whitechurch, Ring.

HB: Morrison, Cassidy, Warnock.

C: Bull, Stafford, Levy.

HF: Pugh, Crook, Edgly.

F: R.Willett, Hazell, Kego.

Foll: Richardson, Pickering, Haynes.

Int: C.Willett, Munro.

Rd 8 Results. Geelong Cats 12.9.81 def Murray Crays 7.3.45. Goals. Cats. N/A. Crays. Nathan Cooper 2, Tim (Top up Player from Geelong) 2, Adrian Williams 1, Anthony Mimmo 1, Gordon Anderson 1. Best. Cats. N/A. Crays. Rat (Mug), Coops (Tasco Fuel), Gordo (Stump Hotel), Richo (Howlong Golf Club), Tim from Geelong (six pack), Irish (V-Line). Gordo also won the Best Opposition Player (six pack). Great effort boys. Next Game Crays vs Samaria Suns at WSSC on Sunday 30th July.

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Murray Cray’s Ball. Few pics from the Cray’s Ball Sat Nite. Click on pic for a clearer look. On behalf of the Footy Club thanks to everyone that helped to organise and set up the night. Thanks Mark and Dallas Young for all their hard work organising the Ball, Brent Shirley for the fantastic music on the night, Elio Doria’s expert Emceeing, the Committee with setting up the room, the SSA Club with the excellent venue drinks and food, our Sponsors and thanks for your support throughout the year and joining us on the night, thanks to the Past Players that rocked up it was great to catch up with you blokes, a big thanks to Kim Allan and Steph from Xclusive Hair and Beauty in Wodonga doing the Girls hair on the day and a big shout out to the Wives and Girlfriends getting in and supporting the night. Cheers to the Current Players and their better halves for rocking up. Bloody great effort and awesome night.

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Rd 7 Crays vs Kerang Swan Hill Results. Murray Crays. 15.16.106 def Kerang Swan Hill Rams 5.3.33. Goals. Crays. Dale McFaull 3, Brad Golding 2, Jesse Judge 2, Kade Duel 2, Aaron Campbell 1, Adrian Williams 1, Jason Dowell 1, Lloyd Brown 1, Andrew Leonard 1, Steve Teunon 1. Rams. Paul Hore 2, Casey Gillen 1. Aaron McNeil 1, James Gunn 1.  Best. Crays. Dale McFaull (Mug), Andrew Leonard (Stump Hotel), Nathan Cooper (Urban Graze), Phil Kelly (Howlong Golf Club), James Gunn (6 Pack), Adrian Williams (V-Line), Kade Duel (Tasco Fuel), Mick Andrews and Lloyd Brown (ditch head award). Rams. Casey Gillan, Travis Smith, Hurtle Arthur, Matt Chamberlain, Ben Davison, Mick Hickox, Adam Davison, Maurie Parsons.

Half time huddle. FullSizeRender 2Webby and Drew. FullSizeRender 3

footy vid

Thanks to the Kerang boys for making the effort to come all this way, the Crays, also the Crays players that topped up Kerang. Paul Hore, Steve Webster, Jonno Campbell, Elio Doria, Phil Kelly, James Gunn, Scott Cardwell, Umpire Dave McKenzie, Goal Umpires Brian Moss and Ditch, Sean O’Reilly, Greg Young and Mark Williams with running the bar and BBQ, Lorraine Schilg running the time box and scoreboard, the waterboys, Mark Felmingham running the bench, Mark Young Coaching, Wodonga Senior Secondary School Curators, all the Supporters and everyone who helped set up and clean up. Good to be back playing on the High School ground. Also thanks to the Stump Hotel and Staff for the nibbles and beer and putting up with us and the Kerang boys as we got louder and louder as the night progressed.

Rd 7 we host Kerang Swan Hill Rams on Sat 1st July at Wodonga Senior Secondary School. This will be our first game at our home ground since last year due to drainage works the last few months. Afterwards awards and refreshments at the Stump.

Rd 6 Crays vs Gisborne Results. Last Saturday Nights Game saw us defeat Gisborne for the first time since we joined the League 8 years ago. Another first for the Crays was Tim Mooney cracking 50 games against the Bulldogs, the first player to do so. Moons is one of the original players has been Coach for the last 6 years. Well done Moons. Thanks to Lavington President Peter Barwick and Peter Summerfield for organising the use of the Lavington Panthers Ground and top facilities. Top lights and the ground was spot on. Also a big shout out to the Gisborne boys coming up to Albury Wodonga and making a night off it. Cheers boys. Umpires Daniel and Macca, top job boys. Our Sponsor the Astor Hotel for the food and refreshments. All the Crays boys and the Wives and Girlfriends supporting us. Cheers. Murray Crays 9.11.65 def Gisborne 2.5.17. Goals. Crays. Mark Young 2, Brad Golding 1, Tim Mooney 1, Adrian Williams 1, Wayne Schilg 1, Aaron Campbell 1, Nathan Cooper 1, Andrew Leonard 1. Bulldogs. Tom Pelkonen 2. Best. Crays. Tim Mooney (Mug), Mick Andrews (Tasco Fuel), Mark Young (Urban Graze), Wayne Schilg (6 Pack), Tony Mimmo (V Line), Jesse Judge (Stump Hotel), Richo Williams (Howlong Golf Club) and the best Opposition Players selected by the Gisborne boys was Mick Andrews who dominated in the Ruck all day and Nathan Stubba who killed us on the ball was the Crays pick of the opposing team. These blokes scored a six pack each. Well done everyone.

Rd 6 Murray Crays vs Gisborne Bulldogs. Twilight game this Saturday directly after the Lavington Panthers vs Wangaratta Rovers Ovens and Murray Game about 4.30ish. All players at the Ground by 3pm and Yellow strip. Awards and Refreshments at the Astor Hotel.



B. Daniel Wayenberg, Jason Dowell, Jonno Campbell

HB. Aaron Campbell, Jesse Judge, Matt Lewin

C. Peter Summerfield, Adrian Williams, Dave Coleman

HF. Richard Williams, Brad Golding, Tim Mooney

F. Andrew Leonard, Nathan Cooper, Dale McFaull

Foll. Michael Andrews, Mark Young, Anthony Mimmo

Int. Wayne Schilg, Brad Tyrell, Paul Toppa


B. Cam Bedgood   Gav Glenister  Leigh Willuweit

HB. Peter McMahon   Gary Wilson   Mark Conroy

C. Troy Collins   Brett Taylor   Jac Bowen

HF. Michael Woodier   Brett Overend   Jimmy Lewis

F. Luke Fitzpatrick   Tommy Pelkonen   Mick Cochrane

Foll. Martin Barr   Richie Portelli   Nathan Stubna

Inter. Rob Tinworth, Dan Kenson, Robert Bretherton, Simon Squire, Stevie McGee, Craig Hendy.

The 2017 Lawrie Evans Memorial Match. Vic Country and Vic Metro played on Sun 11th June in Mulwala. 2 games were played with the 47’s kicking off first and came away with a big win to Vic Country. Final Score was Country – 18.18.114 def Metro – 3.2.20. Crays JD and Ditch lined up in the 47’s with JD in the best and ditch having a crack. (a cracked rib). The 35’s was a hard fought game with both sides giving it their all. Crays players Az, Jonno, Wayna, Schilgy all were in the best. Wayna kicked the winning goal just before the final siren and played in the ruck in the second half. Results. Country – 10.6.66 def Metro – 9.11.65. Well done Vic Country and Vic Metro on a top day. Check Photos.

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Rd 5 Results. Unfortunately we’ve had to forfeit our Rd 5 game against Moorabool Valley at Meredith on Saturday. We’ve had a bad run with injuries leading up to this game and with a couple of players heading to the Bali 9’s and players unavailable with weekend footy etc we were going to struggle as we got down to 9 definites. Anyway can’t be helped boys. Next time. Apologies to the Moorabool Valley boys and we’ll have to catch up next time. They did invite us to a team bonding session at the Meredith Pub which sounded tempting but we might have to organise a team bonding session on Saturday here somewhere.

Rd 4 Results. Murray Crays 16.8.104 def Echuca Moama Emus 7.5.47. at Mulwala Football Ground. Goals. Lee 4, Az 4, Schilgy 3, Daisy 2, Moons 1, Young Youngy 1, Rat 1. Best. Youngy (Mug), Lee (Tasco Fuel), Wayno (Howlong Golf Club), Az (Stump Hotel), Meli (Urban Graze), Elio (V Line), Daisy (Six Pack), Moons, Schilgy. Good win with just 18 players. Highlights. Az did a calf muscle but still managed to kick a lazy 4, Toppa did a hammy or calf or knee or all three and managed to miss from 5 meters in front of goal, Elio broke his hand, Ditch busted his rib, JD fractured his hand, Richo with a crook knee and Mimmo was a bit lame. Credit to those blokes as they kept playing when injured. Thanks Lee organising Mulwala Football Ground, Goal Umpires Notso and Jock, Water Boys BJ. and Jayden, Felmo running the bench, Echuca Boys, Jacko and Kev playing for us, Umpire Nate Horsfall, Mulwala Ski Club and Youngy organising the Accommodation. Next Game Moorabool Valley at Meredith Sat 3rd June. Albury Wodonga’s Murray Crays.

Rd 3 Results. Crays. 8.4.52 def Giants 5.2.32. Goals. Coops 2, JD 1, Easty 1, Goldy 1, Drew 1, Schilgy 1, Youngy 1. Best. Rat (Mug), Berko (Tasco), Mimmo (Howlong Golf Club), Fish (Stump Hotel), JD (Urban Graze), Wayna (V Line), Goldy (Six Pack). Great effort boys. Highlight was JD kicking his first goal for the Crays after 37 games for the Crays. Az takes credit for the Sheedy like move as he switched JD from the back line to the forward line in the last quarter where he took two marks and kicked 1.1. Thanks Stuey and Tim for Umpiring, Nathan and Matt from Enhance Physiotherapy doing the rubdowns and taping for both sides, Skins running the bench, Goal Umpires Notso and Willo, Bo Campbell and Wayna’s young bloke running the Water, Wodonga Football Club, Michelle and Buck and the Goulburn Valley Giants, everyone who turned up to play and helped out. Bloody great effort. Next game Crays vs Echuca next Saturday arvo at Mulwala Football Ground. Few beers after the game in the Mulwala Footy Club and on to the Ski Club for the Awards and Refreshments with the Echuca boys. Overnighter. Go Crays.

Rd 2 Results. Samaria Suns 14.6.90 def Murray Crays 9.6.60. Wasn’t a bad game but not scoring in the first quarter probally didnt help. We played well especially in second half and outscored them in the last quarter. They certainly knew they played us as they copped a few injuries. Tough hard hitting game overall. Suns – Alistair Crook 3, Damiun Cassidy 2, Anthony Foubister 2, Steve Pickering 2, Peter Rigby 2, Shannon Willett 1, Neville Haynes 1, Richard Bull 1. Crays – Tim Mooney 2, Steve Teunon 1, Dave Coleman 1, Brad Tyrell 1, Lee James 1, Nathan Cooper 1, Daisy McFaull 1. Adrian Williams 1. Best. Suns – Richard Bull, Anthony Foubister, Damiun Cassidy, Alistair Crook, Steve Pickering. Crays – Steve Teunon (Tasco Fuel), Dave Coleman (Mug), Brad Golding (Howlong Golf Club), Daisy McFaull (Stump Voucher), Matt Grieshaber (V Line), Tim Mooney (Urban Graze), Nic Conway (Six Pack). Narra also won the best Opposition 6 Pack award as well. Thanks Grieser driving the bus, Felmo and Lloyd running the bench and everyone that rocked up. It was a top day except that we lost. Next game – Sat May 13th Twilight game against GV Giants at Martin Park.

Rd 2. Cray’s vs Sun’s.  Next game. Rd 2 Murray Cray’s vs Samaria Suns 4.30 on Saturday 22nd April at Benalla Showgrounds directly after the Benalla vs Echuca Goulburn Valley League Clash. Twilight game. All players at the ground by 3pm at the latest. Bus departs the Birra at 1pm and gets back home that night sometime. Blue strip. Awards at the ground. its on boys. Go you Crays.

Good Friday Charity Match. The Footy Club has played 64 games since it began back in 2010 and as one of the originals and without a doubt, I reckon Friday’s Gaelic Football Match was the most rewarding and satisfying game I’ve ever played in. Between both Club’s we raised $3500 for the Royal Children’s Hospital to help kids in need. Our most valuable commodity. The way everyone chipped in and helped not only on the day but the weeks leading up to it was awesome. A special thanks to the following People – Harry Wilhelm, Rachael Andrews, Greg Young, Wayne Schilg, Cray’s Committee and Players, Wanderer’s Players and Committee, 1494 The Critic, Border Mail, Win News, Wodonga Fire Brigade, The Umpires, Everyone who donated and Everyone who turned up to make the day a success. Great Weather and to top it off both Clubs put on a entertaining game. Final Score. Wanderer’s – 58, Cray’s – 28. Bigger and better next year. Its on.

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Next game is the Gaelic Football Charity Match against Twin City Wanderers this Friday at Martin Park No 2 Oval. Day starts at 11am with kids activities and the game starts at 2pm. All money raised on the day goes to the Royal Children’s Hospital. Food and Refreshments available throughout the day. Afterwards back to the Stump for the awards the after match post mortem. Wodonga Fire Brigade are doing a drive by at the ground collection for this worthwhile cause. All Welcome. Albury Wodonga’s Murray Crays.

Rd 1 Results. Cray’s at Melton Mini Carnival 2017 . L to R. Lloyd, Chuck, Rat, Youngy, Mimmo, Jozza, Wayna, Grieser, Dave C, JD, Schilgy, Irish, Matt, Coops, Ditch, Az, Lee, Jonno, Scuba, Watto, Moons, Richo.


Rd 1 Sunday the 2nd April Melton Football Club had their Mini Carnival at McPherson Park Melton. Great way to kick off the season with all the other Vic Country teams competing. Each team played two games of 2/15 minute halves and our opponents were Gisborne Bulldogs first up the then Maryborough Puma’s. Well done to Melton FC with setting up the Carnival. Results. Game 1 – Crays 3.4.22 def Bulldogs – 0.1.1. Goals. Crays – Adrian Williams, Nathan Cooper, Jon Watkins. Bulldogs – N/A. Best. Crays – Lee James (Club Mug), Tim Mooney, Tony Mimmo, Adrian Williams, Mick Andrews. Bulldogs – Gary Polglaze, Brett Taylor, Marty Abela, Paul Nicholls. Game 2 – Crays 4.1.25 def Pumas 1.4.10. Goals. Crays – Tim Mooney 2, Lee James, Jon Watkins. Pumas – Bill Smith. Best. Crays – Dave Coleman, Jon Watkins, Nathan Cooper, Jonno Campbell, Daniel Wayenberg. Pumas. Best – N/A. Best wishes to Travis Smith from Maryborough who copped a season ending injury during our game and hope your up and about soon mate. Thanks to all our guys for rocking up to play, Lloyd and Coops driving the bus to Melton and back, Chuck and Scuba coming from Melbourne for the game, Gisborne and Maryborough Footy Clubs and everyone else. Awards later as we havn’t sorted them out yet. Cheers.

Good Friday Charity Game. On Friday 14th April (Good Friday) the Murray Cray’s and Twin City Wanderers are facing off in a game of Gaelic Football at Les Cheesley Oval (Martin Park No 2) in Wodonga. All monies made on the day goes to the Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne. The day starts at 11am with entertainment for the kids, refreshments and a visit from the local fire brigade as they cruise round Wodonga collecting for the Hospital. The game starts at 2pm and is sure to be spectacle to watch. Bring the family, friends, bring everyone. Afterwards we’re heading out to the Stump Hotel for the awards and a few quiet ales. Lets get behind the great cause and hopefully we can raise a bit of money for the kids. Great concept by both these Clubs so well done Wanderers and Cray’s. Click on photo’s for full story and picture.

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2017 Murray Cray’s Draw.

Rd 1. Sun 2nd April. Mini Carnival at Melton. Crays vs Bulldogs at 12.00. Crays vs Pumas at 2.00.

Good Friday 14th April. Gaelic Football Match at Martin Park No 2. Twin City Wanderers vs Murray Cray’s.

Rd 2. Sat 22rd April. Suns vs Cray’s  Twilight game in Benalla.

Rd 3. Sat 13th May. Cray’s vs Giants Twilight game at Martin Park after the O&M v Goulburn Valley Interleague Game.

Rd 4. Sat 20th May. Crays vs Echuca at Mulwala Footy Ground.

Rd 5. Sun 4th June. Crays vs Moorabool Valley at Meredith.

Sat 10th June. Vic Country vs Vic Metro at Shep.

Rd 6. Sun 18th June. Crays vs Gisborne Twilight game at Lavington Footy Ground after Lavington Panthers vs Wangaratta Rovers.

Rd 7. Sun 2nd July. Crays vs Kerang in Wodonga at WSSC.

Rd 8. Sat 15th July. Crays vs Geelong at Geelong.

Rd 9. Sat 29th July. Crays vs Suns in Wodonga at WSSC.

Rd 10. Sat 12th Aug. Crays vs Giants at Shep.

Rd 11. Sat 26th Aug. Crays vs Echuca at Echuca. 2pm.

National Football Carnival Geelong Oct 2nd to Oct 8th 2017.

9th Oct. Presentation Night. 2016 Murray Cray’s Presentation Night on Friday was a top night. Adrian Williams took out the Best and Fairest going back to back. Great effort Rat. Steve Teunon came home in a close call with the Runner Up Best and Fairest after a stellar season. Its the fittest I’ve seen Teun’s as the photo shows. Not the one with the trophy, the other one. Most Consistent went to Jonno Campbell played every game having a real crack. Best Clubman went to Mark Felmingham for all his hard work behind the scenes, organising the Footy Trip, the Club Shirts, Shorts, Stubby Holders, the Silver Circle, the Raffles and heaps of other stuff so well done Felmo. Brad Golding grabbed the Goalkicking in a close one from Rat and Moons. Overall the Club had a great season on and off the field. Thanks to the Committee, Players, Sponsors, Supporters, Everyone. Bring on 2017. Go Crays.

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Mon 3rd Oct. 2016 Photo’s.

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Mon 3rd October. 2016 Footy Trip Photo’s.

 img_0693 img_0676 fullsizerender-5fullsizerender-4 fullsizerender-3 fullsizerender-2 fullsizerender-6fullsizerender-7 fullsizerender-8 fullsizerender-9 fullsizerender-10fullsizerender-11 fullsizerender-2 fullsizerender-3 fullsizerender-4 fullsizerender img_0663 img_0664 img_0672 img_0675 img_0677 img_0678

Wednesday 24th August. Update. Unfortunately the scheduled Jets vs Cray’s game was cancelled on Saturday. The Jets players fresh from the National Carnival representing Vic Country in which they finished 4th out of all the States was a fantastic effort. Well done Deegs and the Vic Country Team. The Echuca game has been re-scheduled to a later date due to unavailability of grounds and players so our 2016 season is finished. except of course the footy trip. Its on, go you Cray’s.

Tuesday 16th August. Crays vs Jets. On Saturday 20th August is the Annual Murray Cray’s vs Wodonga Jets All Abilities Team held at Martin Park Wodonga. Wodonga Bulldogs play Wangaratta Magpies in the curtain raiser. Be at the ground by 4pm at the latest and all welcome. Also the Bulldogs are celebrating 80 years in the Ovens and Murray at a function in the Clubrooms that same day. Football you beauty.

Sunday 14th August. Cray Pot. Results from the Cray’s vs Bombers Saturday 30th July. Murray Crays 12.8.80 def Bendigo Bombers 2.6.18. Goals. Brad Golding 4, Steve Teunon 3, Nathan Cooper, 2, Jesse Judge 1, Elio Doria 1, Matt Lewin 1. Best. Matt Lewin (Mug), Peter Summerfield (Stump Hotel), Brad Golding (Howlong Golf Club), Steve Teunon (Tasco Fuel), Aaron Campbell (V Line), Wayne Schilg (Ditchead), Jono Campbell (6 Pack). Good win. Thanks to the Bendigo boys for a tough game and making the trip up here, the Crays, Wodonga Bulldogs, Umpires, Trainers, Everyone involved. Next game is the Annual Cray’s vs the Jets on Saturday 20th August at Martin Park after Bulldogs vs Magpies. Go you Cray’s.

Tuesday 19th July. Due to lack of numbers the Cray’s vs Rams game was called off. In its place the Cray’s had a team bonding session at the SS&A Locker Room and was a very successful session. Saturday 16th July we hosted Goulburn Valley Giants at Lavington Football Ground after the Lavington Myrtleford game. Bloody great facilities and a big thanks to Peter Summerfield organising the game, Lavy President Peter Barwick for his help and hospitality on the day. Also Umpire’s Hayden Miles, Symon and Aaron Tardrew, Goal Umps Brian Moss and Andrew Reid, Time Box and Scoreboard Greg Young and Lloyd Brown, First Aid Pauline Bluck, Strapper Tara Williams, Young Youngy Coaching moves on the sidelines, Mark Felmingham running the bench, Craig Eastick running, Jacob and Beau running the water, the Goulburn Valley boys who rocked up and certainly had a crack and the Murray Cray’s boys on a good win. Great effort all. Results. Murray Crays 11.4.70 def Goulburn Valley Giants 5.3.33. Goals. Crays. Jesse Judge 3, Adrian Williams 3, Brad Golding 1, Steve Teunon 1, Stuey Larcombe 1, Andrew Leonard 1, Tim Mooney 1. Giants. David Toon 3, Paul Eddy 1, Alex Grant 1. Best. Crays. James Gunn (Tasco Fuel), Jason Dowell (Howlong Golf Club), Johnno Campbell (Mug), Danny Lattenstein (V-Line Award), Brent Shirley (Stump Hotel), Mick Andrews (Tasco Fuel), Neale Terlich, Brian Moss (Ditch Head Award), Adrian Williams (Opposition Six Pack). Giants. Travis Beck, Ross Cuthbert, Buck McPhee, Ben Lane, Cory Vanderwerf, Alex Grant, David Toon. Next game Bendigo on Saturday 30th July after the Wodonga vs Albury clash at Martin Park. Albury Wodonga’s Murray Cray’s. Go you Cray’s.

Sunday 26th June. Next Game.Rd 7. Murray Cray’s vs Kerang / Swan Hill Rams at Martin Park No 1 Oval Wodonga on Saturday 2nd July. Twilight game directly after the Wodonga Saints vs Dederang Mt Beauty clash about 4.30 start or when the Saints / Bombers game finishes. After the game we’ll head out to the Stump for the Awards and Refreshments. Albury Wodonga’s Murray Cray’s Superules Football Club. Proudly Sponsored by the Blazing Stump Hotel. Go you Cray’s.

Friday 24th June. Results. Results from Sunday’s game against Samaria Suns. Both sides went in undefeated and it turned out a cracker of a game. We knew this was gonna be a tough game against the League newcomers and they certainly showed their a force defeating us by 31 points. We never gave in and had a real crack and as Moons said after the game we were beaten by a better side on the day. Samaria Suns 14.5.89 def Murray Crays 9.4.58. Goals. Suns. Richard Bull 4, Daniel Gristi 4, Jeremy Mansfield 2, Mick Levi 1, Chris McNair 1, Daniel Craddock 1, Kyle Pugh 1. Crays. Adrian Williams 3, Nathan Cooper 2, Steve Teunon 1, Brad Hallum 1, Gordon Anderson 1, Jesse Judge 1. Best. Suns. Mick Levy, Barry Edgley, Damiun Cassidy, Ant Foubister, Adam Pearce, Phil Kelly. Crays. Steve Teunon, Adrian Williams, Gordon Anderson, Jason Dowell, Peter Summerfield, Johnno Campbell. Awards. Peter Summerfield (Howlong Golf Club) Adrian Williams (Mug), Steve Teunon (Stump Hotel), Jason Dowell  (Tasco Fuel Voucher), Gordon Anderson (Vic Rail Voucher), Teuns (Ditch Head Award). A few accolades to Reidy and ditch (Goal Umpires), Hayden Miles and Graeme Hymus (Umpires), Nathan Sceriha (Trainer), Kate Drummond (First Aider), Wayne Schilg, Mark Felmingham, Paul Toppa, Andrew Little organising everything and everyone, Crays, Suns, Sponsors and Everyone. Albury Wodonga’s Murray Crays. Go you Crays.

Thursday 16th June. Teams. Murray Cray’s vs Samaria Suns this Sunday 19th June at 1pm on Martin Park No 2 Oval. Blue Strip. Teams as follows.


B. Lattenstein, Gunn, Dowell.

HB. R.Williams, Andrews, Terlich.

C. Summerfield, Mooney, Coleman.

HF. Cooper, Judge, Tyrell.

F. Leonard, Golding, Lewin.

Foll. Teunon, A.Williams, Doria.

Int. Eastick, Bourke, Schilg, J.Campbell, Forde, Robinson, Brown, Steel.


B. Troy, Kego, Mansfield.

HB. Pugh, Willett, Grixti.

C. Haynes, Cassidy, Warnock.

HF. Foubister, Whitechurch, Edgley.

F. Pearce, McNair, DeFazio.

Foll. Lemmer, Gray, Shields.

Int. Craddock, Webster, Wright, DeWinne, Wright, Wapling.

Back to the Stump after the game for Awards and Refreshments. Albury Wodonga’s Murray Cray’s Football Club. Go you Cray’s.

Sunday 12th June. Vic Country Rap. Vic Country defeated Vic Metro in both games on Sat night at Shep with Schilgy and Johnno in the action for the 35’s and Squealer, Youngy, Teuns, JD and Ditch having a crack in the 50’s. Vic Country had about a dozen on the interchange so we kept rotating players to give everyone a run. Teuns rucked the entire game dominating. Vic Country hold the Lawrie Evans Shield for the third year in a row. Top effort. Scores. 35’s. Vic Country 10.10.70 def Vic Metro 0.8.8. 50’s. Vic Country 10.5.65 def Vic Metro 1.6.12.

Thursday 9th June. Vic Country vs Vic Metro. On Saturday 11th June is the Lawrie Evans Memorial Game between Vic Country and Vic Metro at Deacon Reserve Shepparton. Bloody good day this one and gives players a chance to play for Vic Country in our respected age groups. Cray’s players Neale Terlich, Wayne Schilg, Mark Young, Jason Dowell, Steve Teunon, Johnno Campbell, Danny Steel are making the trip so good luck boys. 2 twilight games the 35’s and over and the 50’s and over after the main game. Awards, meals and drinks in the Shepp Clubrooms at $20. Looking forward to it. Albury Wodonga’s Murray Cray’s Football Club, proudly sponsored by Stump Hotel, Border Lawns, Howlong Golf Club, Vivid Accountants, North East Mobile Locksmiths, Elders Insurance. Go Cray’s.

Sunday 5th June. Rd 5. Great effort against the Giants in Rd 5 of the Vic Country season. Played at Deacon Reserve in Shepparton after the Shepp /Seymour clash in a twilight game the Crays scraped home by 4 points. Down to the bare 18 with injuries etc we did well to win against a tough opposition and a big thanks to the Giants players for topping up the Cray’s on the night. Final Score – Murray Cray’s 7.5.47 def Goulburn Valley Giants 6.7.43. Goals. Cray’s – Brad Hallum 2, Brad Golding 2, Steve Teunon 1, Andrew Leonard 1, Adrian Williams 1. Giants – Paul Wickman 1, Simon Devine 1, Matt Collins 1, Brett Jeffries 1. Aaron Waters 1, Mick Tucker 1. Best. Cray’s – Johnno Campbell (Mug), Peter Summerfield (Stump Hotel), Jason Dowell (Howlong Golf Club), Elio Doria (Tasco Fuel), Adrian Williams (V Line), Neale Terlich (Six Pack), Dave Coleman (Border Lawns). Giants – Paul Mazella, Tim Keenan, Mick Tucker, Simon Devine, Mark Lambourne. Great effort by the Cray boys in a top win and thanks to the Goulburn Valley boys for looking after us also JD driving the bus. Bloody top effort. Next game – Vic Country vs Vic Metro at Deacon Reserve in Shepparton Sat 11th June.

Monday 16th May. Echuca Rap. Firstly condolences to Adrian, Mark and Richie Williams and families on the loss of your Nan on Saturday. Saturday we hit the road to Echuca in our Rd 4 Clash with our rivals from down river Echuca Moama Emus. It was an action packed weekend starting with the 3 hour bus trip followed by a game of Football, followed by a game of Netball followed by Bill Smith and Rob O’Conners joint 50th followed by a huge night followed by another 3 hour bus trip home followed by the Wodonga Bulldogs Silver Circle to finish off the weekend. We also had a win. Murray Crays 13.5.83 def Echuca Moama Emus 4.3.27. Goals. Crays. Brad Golding 4, Brad Hallum 2, Tim Mooney 2, Adrian Williams 1, Bill Smith 1, Danny Steel 1, Nathan Cooper 1, John Campbell 1. Emus. Steve Oliver 1, Paul Lavers 1, John Smyth 1, Paul Turner 1. Best. Crays. Dave Coleman (Howlong Golf Club), Steve Teunon (Stump Hotel), Brad Hallum (Vic Rail), Adrian Williams (Mug), Mick Andrews (Tasco Fuel), Bill Smith (6 Pack). Emus. Paul Cohen, Dave Hague, Robert O’Conner, Paul Turner, Paul Lavers. Thanks To Bunga and all the Echuca boys for looking after us and all the Cray’s that rocked up to play and support. Bloody great weekend.

Sunday 1st May Results. A good win in our Rd 3 game with the scoreline Murray Crays 14.17.101 to Moorabool Valley Crocs 3.4.22. The Moorabool boys were a bit short on players so thanks to Greg Morrison, Danny Lattenstein and Stuey Larcombe who lined up for the Crocs. Conditions and ground were spot on with all the rain we had. Also like to thank the following people for the top effort on the day. Wayne Schilg (Runner), Hayden Miles (Umpire), Brian Moss, Ditch, Andrew Reid (Goal Umpires), Paul Toppa, Mark Felmingham (Bench, Time Clock, Scores), Pauline Young (First Aid), Al Skinner (Trainer), Waterboys Boys/Girls Stella, Jackson, Beau, Brodie and BJ, Moorabool Valley Boys, Murray Cray’s Boys, The Sponsors, Staff at the Stump Hotel, Wodonga Saints Football Netball Club and everyone else. Great effort. Awards went to Gordon Anderson (Mug), Elio Doria (Tasco Fuel), Mark Young (Howlong Golf Club), Jesse Judge (Stump Hotel), Tim Mooney (Vic Rail), Steve Teunon (Ditch Head Award). Goals. Tim Mooney 4, Gordon Anderson 3, Mark Young 2, Neil Terlich 1, Nathan Cooper 1, James Gunn 1, Brad Hallum 1, Troy Megson 1. Danny Lattenstein 1 for the Crocs. Best. Gordo, Matt Lewin, Johnno Campbell, Juddy, Elio, Youngy, Brent Shirley, Moons and Teuns. Next game in two weeks in Echuca. Albury Wodonga’s Murray Cray’s Superules. Go you Crays.

Friday 29th April Rd 2. In Rd 2 on Sat 30th April the Crays host Moorabool Valley at Martin Park Wodonga straight after Wodonga Saints vs Beechworth clash. Game time about 4.30 and out to the Blazing Stump Hotel for tea and awards and refreshments. Yellow Strip. Team Line Up as follows.

B: Matt Grieshaber, Lloyd Brown, Jason Dowell.

HB: Tim Mooney, Mick Andrews, Peter Summerfield.

C: Brad Hallum, Mark Young, Gordon Anderson.

HF: Steve Teunon, Brad Golding, Matt Lewin.

F: Brent Shirley, Neil Terlich, Nathan Cooper.

Foll: Jesse Judge, Aaron Campbell, Elio Doria.

Int: Andrew Leonard, Stuart Larcombe, Paul Forde,

Dave Coleman, Troy Megson, Brad Tyrell,

Johnno Campbell, Greg Morrison.

Monday 4th April Rd 1 Results. Murray Crays – 10.11.71 def Woodend Hesket Hawks 3.3.21. Great game and a top win against newcomers Woodend Hesket Hawks.  Goals. Crays – Nic Conway 2, Adrian Williams 2, Lloyd Brown 1, Tim Mooney 1, Matt Lewin 1, Danny Lattenstein 1, Brad Hallum 1, Nathan Cooper 1. Hawks – Doug Sutherland 1, James Oldland 1, Gerome Raco 1. Best. Crays – Jesse Judge, Gordon Anderson, Mick Andrews, Nic Conway, Matt Lewin, Lloyd Brown, Jason Dowell. Hawks – Doug Sutherland, Ben Bush, Daron Jacks, Steve Crook, Ray Tadd, Gavin Spring. Welcome to Vic Country Masters Footy and well done to you guys on making the trip up here to Albury Wodonga. Good luck for the rest of the season. Thanks to Wodonga Bulldogs and President Steve Murphy with the ground at Martin Park. One of the best grounds in Albury Wodonga. The Umpires, Drew and Webby running the bench and making moves, Goal Umpires Mossy and Schilgy, Trainer Pauline Bluck, Notso, Willo, Lloyd, Phil Kelly and Crew at the Stump with the catering, the Sponsors and Supporters and all the Crays players on a top game in a first up win. Well done boys. Awards. Best Opposition Player 6 Pack/Stubby Holder Award to Woodends big No 9 Doug Sutherland. Stump Hotel Award-Nic Conway. Tasco Fuel Voucher-Gordon Anderson. V-Line Travel Voucher-Mick Andrews. Howlong Golf Club-Matt Lewin. Border Lawns-Lloyd Brown. Mug-Jesse Judge. Six Pack – Jason Dowell. Great effort. Albury Wodonga’s Murray Crays Football Club.

Thursday 31st March Team Selection.

Teams for our Rd 1 game against Woodend Hesket Hawks on Saturday.


B: Matt Grieshaber, Lloyd Brown, Jason Dowell.

HB: Tim Mooney, Mick Andrews, Mark Young.

C: Brad Hallum, Nic Conway, Gordon Anderson.

HF: Matt Lewin, Brad Golding, Brad Tyrell.

F: Aaron Campbell, Richie Williams, Brent Shirley.

Foll: Jesse Judge, Adrian Williams, Elio Doria.

Int: Pete Summerfield, Andrew Leonard, Danny Lattenstein, Neil Terlich, Steve Teunon, Nathan Cooper, Paul Forde, Jason Cole, Troy Megson, Emergency: Greg Morrison, Danny Steel.


B: Leigh Barker, Anthony Woodcock, Jason Koliba.

HB: Gavin Spring, Daron Jacks, Chris Flenley.

C: Keir Strahan, Alan Mitchell-Lappin, Ray Tadd.

HF: Chris Forde, Jason Van Dam, Nick Watkins.

F: Doug Sutherland, Steve Crook, Rod Sewell.

Foll: Jock Allan, Gerome Raco, Rod McDaniel.

Int: Andy Scicluna, Ben Bush, Daniel Robinson, Darren Crook, David Robinson, Mark Crowhurst.

Thursday 24th March Update. Training next week we return to Martin Park Wodonga on Wednesday at 6pm sharp and every wed for the rest of the Footy Season until daylight savings resume once again. The first game is Saturday (2nd April) week hosting newcomers to the League – Woodend in a twilight game at Martin Park after Wodonga vs Corowa Rutherglen game. Reports are the Woodend boys are fielding a strong and skill full team in their maiden game. Then back to the Stump after the match for awards and drinks etc. Albury Wodonga’s Murray Cray’s Super Rules. Its on.

Cray’s boys doing the beard thing in preparation for the 2016 Season. Deal is to grow the beards for as long as possible or until our Wives tell us to get rid of them. Whatever comes first. The objective is to hopefully raise a bit of money for a local charity. Click on Pic for better view. Left to Right. Shirl, One Nut, Az, Easty, Richo, Ditch, Juddy. Go Cray’s.


Sunday 13th March Latest. Due to the Wodonga Sports Grounds shut for the Council oversow program we’re still looking for a ground to train on next Wednesday. Possibly Albury. Just three weeks to the first game hosting newcomers Woodend who are a very competitive side from what we have heard. Cray’s vs Woodend twilight game Sat 2nd April at Martin Park after the Bulldogs vs Corowa Rutherglen. Check out the draw on Website. Don’t forget memberships are due by the first game, see Notso, Lloyd or Ditch on that one. More info later from Albury Wodonga’s Murray Cray’s Superules Football Club. Go you Cray’s.

Thurs 10th March Silver Circle Results. The Cray’s 2nd Silver Circle draw back in February at the Stump Hotel went off without a hitch. Thanks to Phil Kelly, Serryn and Caitlin behind the bar, the Kitchen Staff with the food platters, Felmo, Toppa and Notso organising the day, the tickets, ensuring the day ran like clockwork, Lorraine Chilton’s expertise, the players helping out wherever possible and everybody who bought tickets and supported the day. Bloody great day it was and cant wait until the next one. A big congratulations to the following winners. Ticket 41 Brent Stephenson-$2500. Ticket 217 Rachel and Harry-$1000. Ticket 178 Khan McMahon-$250. Ticket 67 Agro Boys-$250. The following are all $100 winners. Ticket 20 Tony O’Donnell. 101 Josh Button. 111 Guy Pendergast. 185 Peter Duncan. 230 Foey. 237 Hans Sievers. 241 Noel Moody. 242 Peter Martin. 254 Willo. 278 Robbo. Bring on next year. Go Cray’s.

Monday 21st Dec Update. Last Training Run for 2015 this Wed 23rd at WSSC starting at 6pm Sharp and finishing just as sharp at 7pm. Immediately after training the Club’s putting on a Xmas BBQ and Drinks for a gold coin donation. Bring your families, wives, kids, partners, friends, bring everyone. 2016 Footy Training starts again Wed 13th Jan. On behalf of the Cray’s have a bloody bonzer Xmas and rollicking raucous new year. Don’t ask me what that means because I don’t know. Go Cray’s.

Thursday 19th Nov Latest. Cray’s Training as normal next Wednesday at Wodonga Senior Secondary College. The Following Wednesday 2nd Dec is the AFL North East 9’s Comp in which the Cray’s have entered 2 teams. Murray Cray’s and Murray Cods. Comp starts at 6pm at Birallee Park and will replace our normal training run. Our last training run is Wed 23rd Dec same time same place followed by Xmas Drinks and BBQ. Albury Wodonga’s Murray Cray’s Football Club. Super Rules.

Thursday 12th Nov Update. Cray’s Footy Club and Howlong Golf Club’s Annual Golf Day last Sunday was a bloody great day. Its our way of supporting one of our major sponsor’s each year and this years turnout was even bigger than last year. Thanks to Howlong Golf Club Manager Peter Norris and Staff with the BBQ and hospitality (Pete played for the Crays back in 2012 and thats where the relationship between the two parties began), thanks to Mark Felmingham from Elders for the prizes donated and organising and finalizing the scorecards and teams etc, Greg Young for organising the day, the buggies, the bus, the booze, those shorts, Matt Grieshaber driving the bus, booze buggy operators Schilgy and Ditch who did a superlative job (whatever that means) and to all the golfers that turned up and made the day a great success.

Footy Training continues next Wednesday at the Wodonga Senior Secondary College (Home of the Cray’s) starting at 6pm. Getting 25 to 30 at training and the modified game of Aussie Rules is proving very popular which will continue throughout Summer. Ditch (thats me) has registration forms (or player contracts) at training so anyone who hasn’t signed up as yet get in now and get it sorted and ready for 2016.

The Vic Country League AGM is on Sunday 22nd Nov at Gisborne with our President Wayne Schilg and Vice President Adrian Williams attending. Great effort Gents.

The Annual Cray’s Football Carnival is on Sat 13th Feb at WSSC and it gets bigger and better each year. Get your teams finalised as its getting closer indeed. North Wang are keen to go back to back and I heard a whisper the Newly formed Shepparton team are keen as well. Naturally the Cray’s are in and will definitely have a crack at the Cup.

Cray’s Silver Circle is pencilled in for Sat 20th Feb at the Stump Hotel and as normal is a huge day. Tickets will be out shortly.

The 2016 Vic Country Season starts late March or early April and with the new teams coming in it should be a cracker. Its all on at Albury Wodonga’s very own 35 and over Superules Australian Rules Football Club, “The Murray Cray’s”. Go you Cray’s.

Monday 12th Oct. Congrats to the new and existing Club Delegates nominated at the Cray’s AGM last week.

2016 Delegates.

President – Wayne Schilg.

Vice President – Adrian Williams.

Secretary – Greg Young.

Treasurer – Lloyd Brown.

Sponsor Delegate – Mark Young.

Carnival Delegate – Danny Steel.

Committee – Craig Eastick, Andrew Reid, Peter Summerfield, Aaron Campbell, Jason Dowell, Andrew Leonard, Ritchie Williams, Mark Felmingham, Paul Topalovic, Matt Grieshaber, Danny Steel.                                                                                                                                                                       Next Club Event is the 2015 end of Season Footy Friday week 23rd Oct Weekend to Mulwala. Golf, Races, Pub, James Blundell at the Ski Club Sat night and frivolity and fun. Go you Cray’s.

Wednesday 16th Sept. The Cray Pot. Summer Training begins 6pm Wed 7th Oct at WSSC and all welcome. Immediately after training the same night is the Cray’s AGM. All Positions will be declared vacant and nominations are open. Hope to see you all there. The end of Season Footy trip is the Fri 23rd Oct Weekend to Mulwala. Cray’s golf day is Sun Nov 8th at Howlong Golf Club. Incorporating the Sponsor Day to thanks our sponsors that have supported us throughout the 2015 Footy Season. Tee off is at 11.30am. $30 per player and lunch provided. Refreshments available throughout the day ands the awards, eats and drinks in the Clubhouse after the game. Its on. Go you Cray’s.

Sunday 13th Sept. Cray’s Presentation Night at the Stump Friday 11th Sept 2015 Award Winners. B&F-Adrian Williams. Joint Runner Ups-Wayne Schilg and Jason Dowell. Goal Kicker-Adrian Williams. Clubman-Andrew Leonard. Brian Moss and Brad Tyrell also celebrated their birthdays the same day. Congratulations to the Winners and thanks to MC Greg Young, Phil Kelly and the Staff at the Stump, Mark Felmingham and Paul Toppa for setting things up and all the players, wives, girlfriends and kids that rocked up on the night. Great night indeed. Check out pics. Go Crays.

photophoto 1photo 4photo 5photo 2photo 3

Monday 24th August Wrap. Results from our Rd 10 and final game for the season played at Echuca. Cray’s 10.8.68 def Echuca 7.7.49. Goals. Crays. Adrian Williams 3, Tim Mooney 3, Richie Williams 2, Mark Felmingham 1, Mark Young 1. Emus. Garret Stoves 3, Steve Tonkin 2, Daryl Coutts 1, Brian Holmes 1. Best. Crays. Tim Mooney, Brent Shirley, Steve Teunon, Dave Coleman, Adrian Williams, Jesse Judge, Jason Dowell. Emus. Garret Stoves, Brian Holmes, Geoff Abella, Lachie Hyndman, John Smythe, Bill Smith.

Tuesday 14th July All the Latest. Bloody Top game of Footy against Melton on Sunday with the final score line Panthers 8.8.56 defeating the Cray’s 7.9.51. Both sides went in hard and the result could of went either in this game with both sides missing easy shots during the game. Credit to the Cray’s who never gave up all game and we had a real crack against the Panthers and you could see we wanted to win this one. Good to see Jono, Horey and Kingy rock up for their first game for the year as well. Rat, Kingy and Squealer finished with 2 goals each and Grub finished with 1 major. Our backline led by Lloyd and JD were awesome as they were under constant pressure and what I noticed about this game was the hunger shown by the Cray’s to win. So bloody close. Thanks to Melton Footy Club for rocking up and whether playing them at home or away they are always hard to beat. Awards. Stump Hotel-Young Youngy, Hair Symmetrics-Teuns, Lloyd Curtis Remedial Massage-JD, Vic Rail Travel-Morro and the Cray’s Mug went to Lloyd. Rat scored the best Opposition Player six pack award. Thanks to all the following for chipping in with their expertise on the day. Umpires H and Richo, Goal Umpires Vinno and Mossy, Notso and Mark timekeeping, cooking, organising the caterers and everything else, Trainer First Aider Tara, Waterboy’s James and Ditch, Lorraine from Wodonga Football Club, Wodonga Council with the ground and everyone who helped. Go Cray’s.

Friday 10th July Update. Rd 7 Next Game Murray Cray’s vs Melton Panthers on this Sunday 12th July at the new venue Martin Park No 2 Oval. The game starts at 1pm and we’ll wear the new Strip. Refreshments available throughout the day and after the game we’ll do the Awards in the Bulldogs Clubrooms. Food and Drink at Bar prices. Team line-up as follows.


Backs. Dowell, Brown, J.Campbell.

Half Backs. O’Reilly, Mooney, A.Campbell.

Centre. Shirley, A.Williams, Schilg.

Half Forwards. Tyrell, Terlich, Lattenstein.

Forwards. Eastick, Leonard, Webster.

Int. M.Williams, Griparis, King, Morrison, Ditch.


Backs. Hunt, S.Morton, Sutton.

Half Backs. Miller, Graham, Freeman.

Centre. Watkins, Dodd, McKay.

Half Forwards. Hayes, B.Morton, Field.

Forwards. Rigg, Webber, Camilleri.

Int. TBA.

Representing Albury Wodonga and the North East in Masters AFL Footy. The Murray Crays. Go you Crays.

Monday 6th July Update. Results from the Rd 6 Cray’s vs Sunbury clash last Sunday. In a first for for the Club the Cray’s 12.10.82 def Sunbury 5.7.37. Goals. Crays – Adrian Williams 4, Brad Hallum 3, Jesse Judge 2, Neale Terlich 1, Craig Eastick 1, Daniel Sheppard 1. Sunbury – Mark Strachey 1, John O’Meara 1, Graham Sinadino 1, David Johns 1, Jason Whitford 1. Best. Cray’s – Adrian Williams, Brad Hallum, Daniel Sheppard, Taki Griparis, Brent Shirley, Brad Tyrell, Troy Megson. Sunbury – Mark Strachey, Dean Moore, Jason Whitford. Thanks to Greg Young (notso) for organising the food also cooking it and manning the BBQ all day, Felmo and Toppa organising the grog and running the bench and scoreboard, Jock in the timebox, Goal Umpires Stuey and Vinno, Field Umpires Deegs and H, James running the water, Tara doing the strapping and rubdowns, all the players not only rocking up to play but also helped to set up and clean up and to top it off with a win, thanks to Dean Moore and the Sunbury Footy Club for making the trip, the following Sponsor Awards Hair Symmetrics, Stump Hotel, Vic Rail, Lloyd Curtis Remedial Massage, the Mug, Willow and Ditch playing for Sunbury and everyone who rocked up. Great Stuff. Next Game we host Melton at WSSC ground on Sunday 12th July. For the record we have not beaten Melton since we’ve been in the comp. Representing Albury Wodonga and the North East in the Vic Country Super Rules League the Murray Cray’s Football Club. “Go you Cray’s.

Monday 15th June Update. Rd 5 game the Cray’s hit the road to tackle Gisborne who we’ve never beaten as yet. It was always gonna be a tough game as we copped a good old fashioned flogging. Gisborne -12.13.85 (it could’ve been a lot more as the Bulldogs sprayed a few) to the Cray’s 4.4.28 with 2 each to Rat and Danny. Gisborne lent us a few players on the day to make up the numbers as we were a bit short. Awards. Lloyd Curtis Remedial Massage – JD, Stump Hotel Meal – Grub, Vic Rail Voucher – Teun’s, Hair Symmetrics – Ditch, Cray’s Mug – Drew. Thanks to the Cray’s Players that rocked up, Cray’s Footy Club for shouting the bus and refreshments on the day, Gisborne Footy Club with supplying players, hospitality and catering, Rat with the awards and speeches, Teun’s for driving the bus home via Hanging Rock and everyone who helped out. Great day.

Saturday 13th June Update. Last Saturday a crew of Cray’s bussed it to Shepparton to play in the Lawrie Evans Memorial Game between Vic Country and Vic Metro. This year the game was played at Shepparton instead of Barooga to promote Superules in the area and hopefully Shepp might field a team next year. That would benefit the Cray’s with a couple of teams in the North East which would reduce travel etc. Vic Country were Victors over Metro on the night in perfect conditions. 11 Cray’s made the trip – Schilgy, JD, Youngy, Teuns, Richo, Grub, Ditch, Az, Johnno, Tizza and Mego made the trip with Richo bagging 2 and singles to Schilgy, Grub and Youngy. Az, Youngy, Schilgy, JD, Teuns and Richo were in the best. Great effort. Check out photo’s.

photo 1 photo 2

Next game is at Gisborne against the Bulldogs this Sunday 14th at Gardiner Reserve starting at 1.45. Bus departs Birra at 8.30 Sun and is free also refreshments supplied on the day plus a game of footy. Great value indeed. Yellow strip. We’re a bit light on but doesn’t matter we’ll still have a crack. It’ll be a day out boys. Representing Albury Wodonga and the North East in AFL Superules. Click on Team Pic below for better clarity. Go you Cray’s.

photo 3

Monday 25th May Update. Footy training this coming Wednesday is at 6.30 at Wodonga Raiders Ground Birallee Park. State of Origin night with game 1 kicking off at 7.30 is on the big screen live in the Raiders rooms with $10 meals and the bar is open. No footy this weekend as we have the bye but plenty of local footy on around the North East. The following Saturday (6th June) is the Vic Country vs Vic Metro Clash at Shepparton with possibly 2 games of 35’s and 47’s depending on numbers so if you blokes are keen to represent the big Country V get your names in to Schilgy our Carnival delegate. Next game is at Gisborne on Sunday 14th June but on the Saturday night North Melbourne play Sydney Swans so we could possibly have a double header that weekend. Its all happening at Albury Wodonga’s one and only Super Rules FC. The Murray Cray’s.


Friday 22nd May Update. Our Rd 3 game last weekend against Kerang Swan Hill Rams at Swan Hill was a cracker of a game. The weather was spot on as was the ground and the hospitality. With both sides evenly matched in a competitive game the Cray’s got up by 35 points over the Rams. The final result. Cray’s 11.10.76 def Rams 6.5.41. Goals. Cray’s – Danny Lattenstein 3, Adrian Williams 2, Matt Grieshaber 2, Richard Williams 2, Neale Terlich 1, Andrew Leonard 1. Rams – Matt Chamberlain 3, Chris Devlin 1, Lyndon Turvey 1, Wayne Harmon 1. Best. Cray’s – Brad Tyrell, Wayne Schilg, Adrian Williams, Jason Dowell, Matt Grieshaber, Danny Lattenstein, Troy Megson. Rams – Matt Chamberlain, Paul McGowan, Tim Chellis, Chris Devlin, Lyndon Turvey, Wayne Hall. Awards – Adrian Williams Mug, Wayne Schilg – Hair Symmetrics, Jason Dowell Vic Rail Travel, Brad Tyrell Lloyd Curtis Remedial Massage, Matt Grieshaber Stump Hotel. Opposition Best Player 6 Pack Award – Brad Tyrell (Cray’s) and Matt Chamberlain (Rams). First time we’ve played at Swan Hill and thanks to the Swan Hill Kerang boys for staging a top day. Thanks to Mark Felmingham for running the bench and all the Cray’s who rocked up. The boys had a game of golf on the Saturday so they did well to play on the Sunday. The trip home took awhile with a few stops at pubs etc and overall a great weekend. Check out Photo’s. Albury Wodonga’s very own Superules Club. “Murray Cray’s”.

photo 1  photo 4  photo 6  photo 5

photo 7  photo 8  photo 9  photo 10

Friday 15th May Update. Vic Country League Rd 3 game the Cray’s take on Kerang Swan Hill at the Recreation Reserve in Swan Hill on Sunday at 1pm. The bus departs the Birallee Tavern in Wodonga at 10.30am Sat and will arrive about 3 or 4 or 5 hours later. Bring your Golf Clubs as we’re booked in for Golf Sat arvo. After hopefully a win, the awards and a beer or two we’ll head home and should be home roughly 3 or 4 or 5 or 6 hours later. Team Line Up below click on photo for better clarity. Representing Albury Wodonga in Superules AFL Football for over 35’s, “The Murray Cray’s”, Go you good thing.

photo 8

Friday 8th May Injury List.

photo 3

Injuries from Wednesday Night Training. Peter (berko) Summerfield – Hammy, Lloyd Brown – Calf, Aaron (Az) Campbell – Calf, Danny Lattenstein – Calf. All on the same leg. Click on photo’s for better clarity. Total Injuries. Ando-knee.Stuey-cracked ribs, Willow-dislocated shoulder, Ditch, dislocated shoulder, Toppa-back, Mego-hammy, Felmo-back, Teuns-flu, Lloyd-calf, Hemmy-calf, Danny-calf, Az-calf, Berko-Hammy. Lucky we had plenty of ice in the esky and lucky we only play every two weeks. Albury Wodonga’s one and only Superules Football Club, the Murray Cray’s.

photo 1

Monday 4th Match Report and Photo’s. The Cray’s stood up to the challenge in what is always a tough game against our old rivals Echuca last Saturday at WSSC and this one was no different. With the great weather and the ground in top condition it was a fairly physical game. Results. Murray Cray’s 16.10.106 def Echuca Moama Emus 4.5.29. Goals. Cray’s – Richie Williams 4, Adrian Williams 3, Brad Golding 2, Mick Bourke 2, Andrew Leonard 2, Nic Conway 1, Danny Lattenstein 1, Aaron Campbell 1. Emus – Paul Lavar 2, Damian Hammond 1, Greg Larcombe 1. Best. Cray’s – Richie Williams, Jason Cole, Jesse Judge, Brad Golding, Adrian Williams, Nic Conway, Brad Hallum, Steve Teunon. Emus – Jeff Abella, Andrew Hall, Toby McCoy, Paul Lavar, Daryl Coutts, Neville Green. Awards. Stump Hotel Meal – Brad Golding, Hair Symmetric’s – Jason Cole, Vic Rail Travel Voucher – Richie Williams, Lloyd Curtis Remedial Massage – Jesse Judge. Cray’s six pack and stubby holder award for best Opposition Player – Jeff Abella. Thanks to the Echuca boys, the Cray’s, Brian Moss and Greg Young running the BBQ and Bar, Derek Bowey and Phil Kelly for Umpiring at short notice, Tara Williams with the strapping and first aid, Goal Umpires Braydon Young and Paul Vincent, Lorraine Schilg timekeeping and scoring, The WSSC Groundsmen with setting up the ground, the water boys and everyone else who rocked up. A big thanks to everyone as it made the day flow along smoothly and enjoyable.

Next game is Rd 3 Murray Cray’s vs Kerang Swan Hill at Swan Hill Sunday May 17th. Road trip with the Bus leaving Saturday the 16th also carpool. Mark Felmingham and Paul Topalovic have booked the accommodation and golf when we get there. Costs $20 for accommodation and bus free. Its on Albury Wodonga’s very own Super Rules AFL Masters Football Club. The Murray Cray’s. Go you Cray’s. Check out photos below.

photo 1

Team Photo Echuca Game. Back. Jason Dowell, Matt Grieshaber, Jason Cole, Danny Lattenstein, Mick Bourke, Paul Forde, Andrew Leonard, Jesse Judge, Brad Hallum, Brad Golding, Tim Mooney(Coach), John Campbell, Nic Conway. Front. Greg Morrison, Neale Terlich, Mark Young, Adrian Williams, Dave Coleman, Wayne Schilg, Phil Kelly, Richie Williams, Aaron Campbell.

photo 2 photo 3 photo 5 photo 6 photo 7

Wednesday 22nd April. Update. Football Training tonight at Martin Park (home of the Bulldogs) 6pm. Next game is Cray’s v Echuca at WSSC on Saturday 2nd May at 2pm. Albury Wodonga’s very own AFL Super Rules for over 35’s, “Murray Cray’s Football Club”.

Tuesday 21st April. Update. North Melbourne’s Jack Ziebell is the Murray Cray’s No 1 Ticket Holder in season 2015 as well as Wodonga Football Clubs No 1 Ticket Holder playing for the Bulldogs before he was drafted. Which means Jack will be eligible to play for the Cray’s under the Father Son rule as his old man Gary played for the Cray’s. Its ironic that Jack played footy for Wodonga Bulldogs and could very well finish his footy career (tongue in cheek) with Albury Wodonga’s very own AFL Super Rules Club ” The Murray Cray’s”. Go you Cray’s. Jack pictured after he was presented with the No 7 Guernsey. Thanks Jack, hope you have a blinder of a season and go Roos.

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Monday 20th April. Update. Results from our Rd 1 clash against Geelong saw the Cray’s go down to the Cats by 42 points in a tough game with the end result Geelong – 14.10.94 def Cray’s – 8.4.52. Goals – Adrian Williams 3, Steve Teunon 1, Wayne Schilg 1, Neale Terlich 1, Richard Williams 1, Andy Whv 1. Best – Dave Coleman, Adrian Williams, Wayne Schilg, Neale Terlich, Richard Williams, Andrew Leonard. Awards – Hair Symmetrics Neale Terlich, Vic Rail Voucher Adrian Williams, Lloyd Curtis Remedial Massage Dave Coleman. Best Opposition Player six pack and stubby holder award went to Justin Bliss. Thanks to the Cray’s Players that made the trip to Geelong, the players that we recruited at Lambies Ben and Andy and Frank Bove who all signed up with the Cray’s, Thanks to Luke Bove for running the water, Matt Baars and Graeme Boyd and Geelong Masters Footy Club. Put on a great day Gents. Also JD driving the bus. Bloody top weekend it was. Check out photo’s by clicking on them for better clarity. Ditch.

photo 1

JD, Goldy, Ditch, Richo, Rat, Schilgy, Willo, Dave C discussing tactics at Team meeting at the Birra prior to leaving for Geelong.

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Dave C, Teuns, Franky Bove, Richo, Schilgy, Squeal, Rat, JD, Moons, Ditch, Drew warming up.

photo 3

Team Photo. L to R. Frank Bove, Danny Steel, Luke Bove (water boy), Ben Millard, Andy Whv, Mark Young, Mark Williams, Steve Teunon, Richard Williams, Jesse Judge, Andrew Leonard, Wayne Schilg, Brad Golding, Dave Coleman, Jason Dowell, Adrian Williams, Tim Mooney, Lloyd Brown, Neale Terlich.

Tuesday 14th April Update. On Sunday the Club had the Bunning’s Wodonga BBQ Fundraiser. Thanks to Bunnings and all the players who rocked up to help out. After intense negotiations the Club has snagged North Melbourne”s Jack Ziebell as our No 1 Ticket Holder for 2015. Jack signed a couple of Cray’s Jumpers and Training Singlets which will go straight to the pool room in exchange for a couple of Cray stubby holders. A fair trade indeed. He’s also Wodonga Bulldogs No 1 Ticket Holder as well. Well Done Jack and good luck this Season. Training this week is at Wodonga Raiders Football Ground at 6.30pm. Rd 1 of the Vic Country League kicks of this weekend against Geelong on Sunday 12 noon at the Newcomb Football Ground. Bus and carpool leaves Ditch’s House Saturday morning after a quick jumper presentation. Then its on. Football at its best. Albury Wodonga’s very own-the Murray Cray’s Football Club. Go you Cray’s.

Monday 23rd March Update. On Behalf of the Murray Cray’s Football Club Committee and Members I would Like to pass on our condolences to Bruce, Maddy and Brooke Hem and Family on the recent sad passing of Jaye. Our thoughts and wishes are with you guys during this difficult time. President. Danny Steel.

Wednesday 4th March Update. Training this week and next week is at the Wodonga South Primary School Outdoor Basketball Crt because of the WSSC Ground Oversow which is done this time every year. The Bermagui Pre-Season Game and Trip away is this Weekend and these following Cray’s players have been selected to play – Reid, Moss, Schilg, R. Williams, Steel, Young, Smith and whoever else wants to go. Committee Meeting on Sun 15th March at WSSC Rooms at 2pm. First Game is against Geelong at Geelong Sat April 18th and is an overnight trip. If going get your names to Toppa for bus and accommodation. Stay tuned and go you Cray’s. Albury Wodonga’s very own. The Mighty Murray Cray’s.

Monday 23rd Feb Update. Results from Cray’s Silver Circle at The Stump Hotel the other day. Winners were 1st Karen Campbell $2,500, 2nd Kim Allan $1,000, 3rd Mick Benstead $500. Well done guys. A big thanks to the following people. Lorraine Chilton from Wodonga Bulldogs for her expertise and help on the day also lending us their equipment for the draw. Mark Felmingham and Paul Topalovic for all their hard work not only on the day but leading up to the day, they also sold the most tickets as well as they keep reminding everyone, Wayne Schilg, Greg Young, Mark Young, Peter Summerfield, Adrian Williams and Richard Williams for their time and effort in organising everything, running raffles and keeping things in order, Phil Kelly and the staff at the Stump Hotel for the food and grog and ditch with whatever the hell he was doing. Thanks to everyone who turned up and made the day a success. A bloody great day indeed.

Thursday 16th Feb. The Footy Carnival went off pretty well last Saturday despite the rain and down to 3 teams. Wangaratta / Benalla, Cudgewa Blues and the Cray’s all fielded sides with Wang / Benalla taking out the honours over the Cray’s in the final. The Hawks keep the Cup until next year so hopefully we can take it back then. Best Players on the day were Peter Sullivan (Wang Benalla), Gerald Mason (Cudgewa Blues) and Jason Watkin (Cray’s). Thanks to the following People. Wayne Schilg – Cray’s Carnival Delegate, The Melton Players that rocked up and played for the Cray’s, AFL North East Umpires, Cudgewa Blues, Wangaratta / Benalla, Murray Cray’s, Cray’s Committee as in Notso, Mossy, Easty, Felmo, Berko, Youngy, Toppa, Snook, Deegs, Phil Kelly, Stump Hotel, John Watkins organising the Marquees from Wilson Transformers Social Club, Goal Umpires James Elkner and Braydon Young, Timekeeper and Scorer in Allison Bergin and Lorraine Schilg, John House at Bakers Delight in West End Plaza for donating the bread, Beazley’s Meats, Super Coach Andrew Reid, Paul Prentice and the ground staff at Wodonga Senior Secondary College and Richo, Rat, Notso, Schilgy and Ditch for their efforts. Great stuff ladies and gents. Next year will be bigger and better.

Training as per normal Wednesday but unfortunately the ground is closed from the 23rd Feb for 3 weeks for the ground over sowing. More on that later.

Saturday 21st Feb (next saturday) is the Cray’s Silver Circle Draw at the Stump Hotel. Starts at 12 noon till 2pm. Tickets still available at $50 with $5000 in prizes and 2 hours drinks and nibbles. More info see Ditch, Felmo or Notso.

Bermagui Pre-Season trip away Victorian Labour Day Long Weekend Sat March 6th to Mon the 9th. More info see ditch.

First game is against Geelong in Geelong Sat April 18th. Overnight Bus trip see Toppa if your going and he will book accommodation and the bus etc. So its all happening in footy 2015. Albury Wodonga’s very own Superules team the Mighty Murray Cray’s. Go You Cray’s.

Thursday 12th Feb. Training starts in earnest with the Summer Comp now finished. On Saturday is the Cray’s Mini Carnival at Wodonga Senior Secondary College. Food and Refreshments available on the day as well as entertainment (footy). Costs is $15 per player with North East AFL Umpires and Qualified First Aiders on hand. Carnival delegate Wayne Schilg has done the draw and can be viewed below.

Draw. Rd 1 and 2 are 2×15 min halves and Rd 3,4,5,6 and Finals are 2×12 min halves.

Rd 1. 10am-Murray Cray’s vs Presidents.

Rd 2. 10.50am-Border Blues vs Wang/Benalla.

Rd 3. 11.40am-Murray Cray’s vs Border Blues.

Rd 4. 12.30pm-Wang/Benalla vs Presidents.

Rd 5. 1.20pm-Murray Cray’s vs Wang/Benalla.

Rd 6. 2.10pm-Border Blues vs Presidents.

Final. 3pm-3rd vs 4th.

Final. 3.50pm-1st vs 2nd.

On Saturday 21st Feb is the Cray’s Silver Circle at the Stump Hotel starting at Midday. Still Tickets available at $50. See Ditch for tickets and more info. Its on. Albury Wodonga’s Very own Superules Club. The Murray Cray’s. Go you Cray’s.

Sat 10th Jan. Update. A big welcome to all new and current members and Sponsors as we prepare for the 2015 Season. The Sunday Stump Hotel Raffle Roster this week is Drew and Stuey and next week is Grub and Rat. Training starts next Wed 14th Jan at WSSC at 6 o’clock. Crays Mini Carnival is Sat 14th Feb at WSSC. Silver Circle Sat 21st Feb at the Stump from noon till 2. Bermagui Footy Carnival is the Vic Labour Day Weekend in March and the Season starts April 19th against Geelong at Geelong, Weekend Away. Football its on. Go you Crays.

Sat 13th Dec. All The Latest. Wednesdays AFL 9’s Comp at Birallee Park was a great success with the Crays having two sides Crays Blue and Crays Yellow. Organised by AFL North East it looks like it could be a regular event. 5 teams competed with DMB the winners on the day and Crays Blue runner ups. Prime television were there and gave it a brilliant coverage so hopefully it will only get bigger.

Stump Raffle roster this Sunday is Richie and Rat. To get into the Xmas spirit no meat trays this week Xmas hams instead so make your way out to the Stump Sunday night for a meal and drinks and get in on the action.

Last training run for 2014 on Wednesday at WSSC at 6 pm so come down and have a beer or soft drink and wind down for Xmas. Training will resume mid January. More on that asap.

Sat 14th Feb is the Crays Footy Carnival which was a great success earlier this year so we hope to make it bigger and better next year. See Schilgy (Carnival Rep) for details.

Dont forget the Crays Silver Circle at the Stump Sat 21st Feb so if your got tickets get them sold as it will be here before we know it. Will be a top day. See ditch for tickets.

Sat 7th March which is Vic Labour Day weekend is the Bermagui Footy Carnival and we ‘ll  submit a team if we get the numbers. More info see ditch.

Its on 2015 here we come. Albury Wodonga’s very own Superules Club the mighty Murray Crays. Go you Crays.

footy jumper

Tues 25th Nov. Latest.

Crays Framed Footy Jumper (new strip) presented to Phil Kelly and the Stump Hotel. Now hanging above the fireplace at the Stump. Our No 1 Sponsor. Training Wednesday at the WSSC as per normal. Rostered for Stump Raffle on Sunday is Lloyd and Drew. Last training session before Xmas is Wed 17th at WSSC followed by BBQ and Drinks. Training resumes earlyWed 7th Jan 2015. Craig Murray (Drib) is organising a hike up Mt Feathertop Sunday 21st if interested contact Drib or Ditch. Plenty happening and its always on. Albury Wodonga’s very own Super Rules Club – The Murray Crays. Go you Crays.


Carnival 2015

Sat 15th Nov. Carnival

Murray Crays Mini Football Carnival Sat 14th Feb 2015 at Wodonga Senior Secondary College (home of the Cray’s). Enter a team or individually and we’ll put you in a team. Costs – $300 per Team or $15 per player. Cost covers Awards, Trainers, First Aid, Ground Hire, AFL North East Umpires and Entertainment on the day. Get together later on that night at the Stump Hotel for a few beers. Kids and Families welcome.

Will the Presidents 20 “who are red hot favourites” go back to back or will one of the Challengers win the Cup and take on bragging rights. Its on Albury Wodonga’s very own the Murray Cray’s. Super Rules at its best. Go you Crays.

Mon 10th Nov. Latest Updates.

Crays Training continues Wednesday at WSSC at the usual time of 6pm. Old and new members welcome.

Stump raffle will start this Sunday at 6pm and continue across the Summer.

The Club submitted its request to the Vic Country for 8 games next season. 4 Home and 4 Away. Possibly 1 45’s game on an alternate week to the 35’s is on the cards.

Cray’s Carnival is on Saturday 14th Feb at WSSC.

Silver Circle is Saturday 21st Feb at the Stunp.

Bermagui Pre-Season trip away Friday 6th March to Monday 9th March (Vic Labour Day Weekend).

Vic Country vs Vic Metro at Barooga Saturday 6th June (Queens Birthday Weekend).

Australian National Football Carnival Saturday 3rd Oct to 10th Oct in Tasmania.

Australian Masters Games same week as the Football Carnival in Adelaide.

Its a full on 2015 season. Bring it on.

Go you Cray’s.

Tues 28th Oct. Cray Celebrities.

Milne Harry Young YoungyTop to Bottom. Mark Felmingham, Stephen Milne and Paul Toppa. Harry Kewel, Mark Felmingham, Wendell Sailor. Mark Young in Las Vegas. Albury Wodonga’s very own the Murray Crays Football Club going global. Click on photos for better clarity.

Monday 27th Oct. Cray’s Presentation Awards held at the Stump. Best and Fairest – Adrian Williams. Runner Up – Mark Young. Goalkicker – Jesse Judge. Runner Up – Tim Mooney. Bill Smith Best Clubman Award – Greg Young. Tool of the Year – Paul Felmingham. Runner Up – Ditch. Thanks to everyone involved at the Cray’s for another great season. Ditch.

Friday 12th Sept 14-James McQuillan Day at Echuca. Check article from Echuca Gazette. click on pic.

echuPics and Results – Crays v on photo’s for better vision

g1g9g8g7g8g7g6g5g4g3g2g14g13g12g11g10g1Crays v Geelong  

07/09/14. Murray Crays 18.8.116 def Geelong Cats 2.4.16. Goals. Crays-Mick Romero 3, Dave Coleman 3, Wayne Schilg 3, Steve Teunon 2, Jesse Judge 2, Adrian Williams 1, Brad Hallum 1, Danny Steel 1, Paul Forde 1, Craig Eastick 1. Cats-Troy Moreland 2. Best. Crays-Adrian Williams, Steve Teunon, Wayne Schilg, Dave Coleman, Peter Summerfield, Danny Steel. Cats-Graham Boyd, Khan McMahon, Troy Moreland, Greg Morrison, John Campbell, Matt Fraunfelder. Awards. Tasco Fuel-Adrian Williams, Hair Symmetrics-Dave Coleman, Stump Hotel-Steve Teunon, Lloyd Curtis Remedial Massage-Wayne Schilg, Beazley’s Meats-Greg Morrison, Mug-Danny Steel, Ditch Head Award-Ditch. A clarification of the ditch head award-this award replaced our tool of the week award from previous seasons and ditch won it hands down by missing two easy shots at goal. I heard he has enrolled in Sam Newman’s FARK Acadamy. Last game for the year and a great way to finish the season with a win. Thanks to Geelong Masters for making the trip, the Umpires Jarrod Cooke and Mitch Williams courtesy of the North East Border Umpires League, Our Sponsors, Curator Paul Prentice with preparing the ground, Goal Umpires Greg Young and Richie Williams, Mark Felmingham Off field Coach, Andrew Leonard on field Coach, Water boys, Brian Moss on the BBQ, Everyone that helped set up and clean up at the end of the day and everyone that rocked up and supported the day. Great stuff. Geelong were a bit undermanned so a few of our players lined up for the Cats, Stuey Larcombe, Khan McMahon, Johnno Campbell, Matt Deegan, lloyd Brown and Greg Morrison. Well done boys. 7 wins and 3 losses for Season 2014 in a enjoyable season. No training next week  but the following week we’ll crank it up again and get the Summer comp going.  Go you Cray’s.

05/09/14. Team Squad. Murray Cray’s v Geelong Cats at WSSC Sat 12pm. Yellow Strip. At ground by 11.30 and squad below. Dowell, Leonard, McMahon, Hem, Lloyd, Forde, Hallum, A Williams, Schilg, Larcombe, Romero, Vincent, Eastick, Judge, Morrison, S. Teunon, A. Campbell, P. Summerfield, Coleman, Ditch, Tymenson, J. Campbell, Megson, M.Williams, Fraunfelder. Awards and refreshments at ground and all welcome. After the game and awards back to the Stump for our version of Mad Monday even though its Saturday. Albury Wodonga’s very own Superules AFL Football Club the mighty Murray Crays, go you Crays.

02/09/14. Black Dog Institute. Click on the link and have a read. This article effects a lot of people and is a great cause.

01/09/14. Football Training Wednesday night 6pm at Birallee Park. Next Game and the last game of the season is the postponed Rd 6 Geelong game which was deferred due to the weather is on this Saturday 6th Sept at WSSC. Game will start 12pm. Yellow strip. Its on. Albury Wodonga’s very own Masters Superules AFL Team.

30/08/14. The Footy Club’s AGM held last night (Fri 29th) at the Stump Hotel was attended by 22 members who voted in the 2015 Office Bearers as follows: President-Danny Steel. Vice President-Paul Topalovic. Secretary-Greg Young. Treasurer-Mark Felmingham. Sponsorship Delegates-Peter Summerfield and Mark Young. Carnival Delegate-Steve Webster. Public Officer-Ditch. Committee-Craig Eastick, Paul Forde, Bruce Hem, Phil Kelly, Andrew Leonard, Brian Moss, Wayne Schilg, Adrian Williams, Richie Williams. Thanks to everyone who rocked up to show their support also their imput and ideas for next season. Great stuff. Football its on, Go you Crays.

28/08/14 Photo’s courtesy Of Echuca Masters. Click on Photo’s.

echucaEchuca 8Echuca 7Echuca 6echuca 5Echuca 4Echuca 3Echuca 2echuca 1

27/08/14. Football Training tonight 6pm at Martin Park. Thursday Night Stump Raffle this week Toppa and Ditch. Last Thursday raffle for the season gents. AGM this Friday 29th Aug at 6.30 at the Stump Hotel. Next Game and the last game of the season is the postponed Rd 6 Geelong game which was deferred due to the weather is now on Saturday 6th Sept at WSSC. Yellow strip. Its on. Albury Wodonga’s very own Masters Superules AFL Team. Go you Crays.

25/08/14. Top weekend boys and a great win and thanks to all that rocked up. We had about 33 all up on our annual trip to Echuca and as usual it was a tough game against Echuca with both sides giving it their all. Echuca organised 6 quarters of footy so everyone would get a decent run as both sides had an excess of players. Scores after 4th quarter was Crays 11.8.74 def Echuca 6.6.42. The following two quarters Crays kicked 6.2.38 to Echuca’s 2.6.14. Well done to Echuca veteran Neville Greene (Nifty) playing his last game for Echuca. Banner and all. Thanks to Echuca Masters for putting on a great day and a great dinner function that night. Day ran like clockwork. Both clubs raised $1720 for the James McQuillan Future Fund which was a great effort. Thanks to Notso for driving the bus and keeping things in order also doing the running and playing, Mark and Toppa organising the bus and accommodation as well as playing, Young Youngy for doing the off field Coaching helping out Moons, ditch for whatever the fuck he was doing, Az and Johnno’s brother Jamie and Rat and Richo’s brother Mark with running the water, Phil Kelly for his hospitality at the Stump with the pizzas on the house and everyone. Thats what this level of footy is all about – enjoying our great game, having a few wins on the way and a few beers and having fun.
Murray Crays 11. 8. 74 def Echuca Eagles 6. 6. 42. Goals. Crays-Tim Mooney 4, Adrian Williams 3, Steve Teunon, Jesse Judge, Stuart Larcombe, David Forde. Echuca-Steve Tonkin 2, Neville Green, Brian Holmes, Daryl Coutts, Mark Bridge. Best. Crays-Aaron Campbell, Phil Kelly, Brad Hallum, Tim Mooney, Jesse Judge, Andrew Little, Adrian Williams. Eagles-Daryl Poole, Brian Holmes, Steve Tonkin, Neville Green, Bill Smith.  Great weekend away. Onya boys.

22/08/14. Check out the new footy jumpers to be unveiled against Echuca on Saturday. Thanks to Mark Felmingham, Peter Summerfield, Mark Young and the Vic Gov for their work on attaining the Victorian Goverment Sporting Grants. The famous No 13 long sleeve-votecatcher.

photo 2 (2) Crays new footy jumper


Murray Cray’s v Echuca Eagles Sat 23rd Aug 3.30pm at Echuca


B. Dowell, Megson, Schilg

HB. Modra, Shoebridge, R. Williams

C. P. Summerfield, A Williams, Hallum  

HF. P. Forde, Mooney, M. Felmingham

F. Larcombe, Judge, Toppa

R. S. Teunon, Anderson, A. Campbell

Int. Harris, Little, J. Campbell, Romero,

Emg. Vincent, Morrison, Kelly, D. Forde.

In. Megson, Little, Judge.

Out. M. Young (injured),

G. Young, D. Steel. (omitted)


B. Smith, Coutts, Abella

HB. Ciarlo, Symonds. Lavars

C. McCoy, Pascoe, Oliver

HF. Spencer, McPhee, Cohen

F. McGhan, Smyth, Naylor

R. Holmes, Godfrey, McKenzie

Int. Deveroux, Green, Cain.

Cray’s bus leaves 11.30 at the latest from the Birra and returns Sun. Go Crays

17/08/14. The Clubs Annual General Meeting is on Friday 29th August 2014 starting at 6.30pm at the Stump Hotel (in function room) with the meeting kicking off at 7.00pm. Food & drinks will be provided (free of charge) for Cray members, although everyone & anyone will be welcomed.

The agenda for the night will be very simplistic.

  • President report
  • Financial report / up-date
  • All current committee members will stand down and all positions will become vacant.
  • Nominations will be called for the following positions
    • President
    • Vice President
    • Secretary
    • Treasurer
    • Public Officer
    • General Committee members (maximum of 5 required)

We have set a maximum limit of 10 person committee as that will be approx 20% of our current financial members and that’s plenty.

Please note all positions must be nominated & seconded by a current financial member on the night

Nominations can be sent through to me via e-mail, although they will be accepted on the night.

Greg Young – Secretary

16/08/14. Murray Cray’s v Gisborne Bulldogs Results. Gisborne 14.6.90 def Cray’s 4.2.26. Goals. Bulldogs. Brendon Lee 3, Tom Taylor 3, Josh Clifford 3, Mick Romero 2, Dave Kraljik 1, Peter Cole 1, Cameron Dukas 1. Crays. Brad Hallum 2, Phil Kelly 1, Paul Forde 1.
Best. Bulldogs. Dave Kreljik, Ron Jeremy, Anthony Flores, Matt Mudge. Crays. Wayne Schilg, Lloyd Brown, Brad Hallum, Adrian Williams, John Campbell, Aaron Campbell. Great day boys except we lost but credit to Gisborne they are always a tough nut to crack going down by 10 goals. Thanks to our blokes who played for the Bulldogs, the Umpires, the Cooks, the Sponsors, the Players and everyone.

08/08/14. Today we host Gisborne at our home ground WSSC in our Rd 8 clash with 2 games on offer. The 35’s kicks of at 12.30pm followed by the 45’s. A contingent of Wagga Masters are making the trip to Wodonga to play as well so its almost like a mini carnival. BBQ and refreshments throughout the day so bring the family and friends and everyone welcome indeed.  Check out the teams below. Go you Crays.

Cray’s 35’s

B. Dowell, Lloyd, J. Campbell

HB. A. Campbell, Toppa, R. Williams

C. Kelly, A Williams, Conway  

HF. Schilg, Mooney, Hallum

F. Hem, Judge, Summerfield

R. Leonard, Young, Anderson,

Int. Little, Teunon, Harris, Forde.


B. Reiwand, Morris, Purcell

HB. McGee, Irwin, Wilson

C. Crick, Taylor, Mac

HF. Chuck, Jones, Young

F. Cole, Mudge, Beard

R. Taylor, Wood, Ashley

Int. Florse, Calvert, Palmer, Docksy,


Cray’s 45’s

B. Ditch, Shearer, Larcombe

HB. Megson, Webster, Green

C. Eastick, Shoebridge, G. Young

HF. McLarty, Iles, Morrison

F. Hemmy, Romero, Schneider

R. MleJnek, Vincent, McLarty

Int. Deegan, Clifford.

01/08/14. Crays Footy Club in conjunction with Howlong Golf Club has organised a fundraiser for the James McQuillan Future Fund with a golf day at Howlong Golf Course. The Howlong Golf Club’s Courtesy Bus is doing pickups at the Stump Hotel at 10am and the Astor at 10.30 then Howlong about 11am. BBQ lunch provided then tee off at 12.30 Ambrose start at the cost of $30. Awards, nibbles and mini auction in the Clubhouse after the golf. All proceeds to go to James. Its on boys and girls. Football! not this weekend thats next Weekend. Golf its on. This Sunday the 3rd August. Albury Wodonga’s very own. Go Cray’s.

27/07/14. Great day today at Wodonga Senior Secondary Oval. The weather was overcast and the ground was a bit boggy but we still had good hitout all the same. Yellow played Blue in a 15 a side game with some of the kids and 1 wife playing along with the current players. A few highlights of the day. Mark Williams and John Campbell umpiring, Mossy on the BBQ, Notso reliving his glory days (too long ago to remember what he actually did), Ditch kicked the sealer (only disposal he had all day), Mods with his warm-ups or interval exercises (whatever the hell that means) and Gina Skinner (skin’s wife) best on ground performance. Yellow won. Everyone had a good time in a fun and full on game. Check out the action shots. Click on photo for better clarity.

Game game1 game2 game4 game5 game6 game7 game8 game 3

25/07/14. Unfortunately Castlemaine could’nt make it for the Rd 8 clash this Sunday due to lack off players available so had to forfeit. So the Club has organised a family fun day at WSSC ground starting at noon. We’ll still have a game with the current players versus the wives, partners, kids, past players team with modified rules to make it fair. There will be BBQ, refreshments and other activities on the day and everyone welcome so bring the family and friends for a fun day out. Albury Wodonga’s very own the mighty Murray Crays. Go you Crays

14/07/14. Great day at Blighty yesterday. The weather was tops, the ground was in top condition and the game was played the way footy should be played. Kerang Swan Hill Rams were a bit short on numbers and we just had a team so we split up into two teams of 14. Final score – Murray Crays 11.4.70 def Kerang Swan Hill Rams 4.5.29. Goals. Crays – Andrew Leonard 3, Stuey Larcombe 2, Craig Eastick 1, Adrian Williams 1, Steve Anderson 1, Dave Coleman 1, Paul Toppa 1, Jesse Judge 1. Rams – Greg Adams 1, Rob Shoebridge 1, Wayne Hall 1, Danny Steel 1. Best. Crays – Steve Anderson, Pete Summerfield, Mark Young, Jesse Judge, Dave Coleman, Paul Toppa, Aaron Campbell. Rams – Wayne Hall, Greg Adams, Rob Shoebridge, Danny Steel. Thanks to Umpires Mark Felmingham and Phil Kelly, Blighty Football Club with the ground facilities and catering, Brian Moss doing the off field Coaching moves, Kerang Swan Hill Rams, Hemmy, Berko, Ditch, Mark Williams and Shoey who played for the Rams, JD driving the bus and everyone who rocked up. Great day.

12/07/14. Kerang Swan Hill v Murray Crays tomorrow Sunday 13th 1pm at Blighty Football Ground. Bus departs the Birra at 9.30am also carpool. Yellow strip. Team as follows: Larcombe, Little, Dowell, Campbell, Toppa, R.Williams, Summerfield, A.Williams, Coleman, Hallum, Mooney, Schilg, Hem, Judge, Eastick, Leonard, M.Young, Anderson, P.Felmingham, M.Felmingham, Kelly, Ditch, Shoebridge, Clifford.

01/07/14. Footy training this week is at the Major League Indoor Stadium in North St Albury. Court booked for 6 to 7.30 for a game of Cricket or soccer. Bring runners.

Stump raffle roster on Thursday is JD and Drew Iles.

Next Committee meeting this Sunday 6th at The Stump 2pm.

Next game is against Kerang Swan Hill at Blighty Football Ground on Sunday 13th July (yellow strip). The Club has booked a 12 seater bus from Cooks Bus Service for the trip at no cost to the players.

The Cray’s in conjunction with Howlong Golf Club have a charity Golf Day on Sunday 3rd August with the proceeds going to the James McQuillan future fund. $25 for 18 holes with BBQ lunch then tee off at 12.40. Howlong Golf Club Courtesy Bus will do pick up runs in Wodonga then Albury then Howlong and return home later that day. Great value, great cause and a great day and everyone welcome. Go Crays.

Howlong Golf Club & Motel

27/06/14. Sunday’s (29th July) game against Geelong has been re-scheduled to Saturday 6th Sept at WSSC. Reasons being ground unavailability due to the weather we’ve had this week. Thanks to Geelong Football Club for their proffessional way they worked in with us to achieve a suitable outcome.  Its on Boys. Go you Cray’s.

23/06/14. Vincents Concreting / Border Lawns Murray Crays v Wodonga Jets on Saturday 21st July was a cracker. Deegs had the Jets firing on all fours in the annual game against the Crays with a few Wang boys also playing for the Jets. The Wodonga Jets play under The Wodonga Bulldogs banner in the Maroon and White colours. The game was played straight after the Wodonga / Lavington match. This game is now a permanent fixture each season and is now in its 3rd year. Best on Ground was Jack Maher and young Josh from Wangaratta and wern’t they rapt when they recieved their trophy’s. Good onya boys. The final score was Wodonga Jets 7.9.51 def Murray Crays 7.5.47. Thanks to the Crays, Jets, Wodonga Bulldogs, Deegs, Mossy, Drew, the Umpires and everyone. Bloody great effort.

Action Shots. Top to Bottom. Crays and Jets warming up, Crays still warming up, Jets celebrating their win.

JetsJets 1 jets 2opca

19/06/14. Squads. Crays – Dowell, Morrison, Vincent, Shoebridge, Summerfield, Skinner, Forde, O’Reilly, Schilg, Ditch, Deegan, Modra, McLarty, Forde, Forde. Jets – Anderson, Baker, Bennet, Christie, Dolder, Evans, Elkner, Maher, Nisbet, Presley, Renshaw, Surtees, Stevens, Turner, Wallace-Perret. Players at ground by 3pm.

16/06/14. Compulsory Training this Wed 18th at the Stump Hotel 6.30pm sharp. Pizza, Beer and State of Origin 2. Stump Raffle Roster Thurs 19th at 6.30 is Lloyd and Toppa. Next game is the Annual Vincents Concreting / Border Lawns Crays v Jets Challenge at Martin Park this Sat 21st at 4.30. Yellow Strip. Wodonga play Lavy in a curtain raiser before the main game. Refreshments at Bar prices and Meals at $10 per head and Awards courtesy of Lorraine and WFC inside the Wodonga Sports Bar straight after the game. Its on. Albury Wodonga’s Very Own. The Mighty Murray Crays.

15/06/14. In a low scoring and rain affected game the Crays got up by 14 points over Bendigo at Birallee Park in our second twilight game for the season. Bendigo were a bit short on players so a few Crays went and played for the bombers. Final Score. Crays 4.4.28 def B52’s 2.2.14. Goals. Crays – Craig Eastick 2, Paul Felmingham 1, Brad Hallum 1. Bendigo N/A. Best. Crays – Steve Anderson (Tasco Fuel Award), Aaron Campbell (Hair Symmetrics), Mark Young (Lloyd Curtis Remedial Massage), Mark Shearer (Stump Hotel), Andrew Iles (Beazley Meats), Lloyd Brown (Mug). Opposition Player Penfolds Red Award went to Mark Costello. A special mention to Crays Stuey Larcombe, Rob Shoebridge, Dale Skinner, Taki Griparis, Greg Morrison and Dave Novak from Wodonga Raiders for putting their hands up to play for a depleted Bendigo side. Well done boys. Thanks to the Bendigo boys that made the trip, Goal Umpires Mossy and Youngy, Central Umpire Hayden Miles, Runner Khan McMahon, Ass Coaches Andrew Leonard and Mark Felmingham doing the moves from the bench, Courtney, Bree and Nic Conway Cooking duties and Catering, Steve Hudson, Kim Mitlehner, Raiders Trainer Kate Simpson, Wodonga Raiders Footy Club and all the Crays players and personal who rocked up. Thanks guys.

Action shots from yesterdays games against Bendigo at Birallee Park.

Score – Bendigo 1 Bendigo 2 Bendigo 3 Bendigo 4Bendigo


09/06/14. Training 6pm this Wed 11th at Birallee Park. Next game Crays v Bendigo on Sat 14th June at Birallee Park at 4.30pm. Blue strip. Raiders play Yarra so come and watch Fev in action. Players at ground by about  3pm. Its on boys. Go you Crays.

08/06/14. Crays Players Steve Webster, Aaron Campbell, Wayne Schilg, Troy Megson, Rob Shoebridge, Steve Anderson, Adrian Williams, Richie Williams, Brad Hallum and Danny Steel made the trip to Barooga for the annual Vic Country v Vic Metro Clash held on the Queens Birthday long weekend. Played straight after the Barooga v Rumbalara game (which was a top game), saw Vic Country get up by 18 points in the Lawrie Evans Perpetual Shield Match. For the third year in a row a Crays player won the best on ground medal for Vic Country. 2012-Troy Megson. 2013-Nic Conway and this year was Adrian Williams. onya Rat. The final score was Vic Country. 8.5.53 def Vic Metro. 4.11.35. Goals. Adrian Williams 3, Andy Miller 1, Brad Hallum 1, Wayne Shilg 1, Rob Shoebridge 1, Danny Steel 1. Great day and well organised by Vic Country and look forward to next year. Check out pics on Carnival page.

03/06/14. Great day at Melton on Sunday coming home with the points against Wellington Warriors. It rained most of the game but the ground was in great condition. We had’nt played Wellington before so it was good to finally play them in a top spirited game.

The Warriors were a bit undermanned but they still had a crack all the same. Teuns took over the Coaching role in Moons absence and led by example on and off the field. His record as Coach now is 100% success rate with 1 game, 1 win. Lloyd was Captain and his success rate is the same with 1 game, 1 win and won the toss. Our forward line with Juddy on fire with 5 goals and 8 different goalkickers was the difference between the two teams. Wellington pretty well matched it with us in the midfield getting plenty off the ball however we had ball winners in Ando, Phil K and Rat. Our backline stood up with Berko, Lloyd and JD holding the opposition to two goals. End result a 10 goal win. Crays-12.9.81 def Warriors-2.4.16. Goals. Crays-Juddy 5, Hemmy 1, Felmo 1, Teuns 1, Junior 1, Phil 1, Rat 1, ditch 1. Warriors-Rossi 1, Brewy 1. Best. Crays-Juddy, Phil, Berko, Hemmy, Rat, Teuns. Warriors-Knight, Pirillo, Garoni, Gray, Slattery. Awards. Hair Symmetrics-Phil Kelly, Beazley Meats-Peter Summerfield, Stump Hotel-Jesse Judge, Tasco Fuel-Ditch, Lloyd Curtis remedial Massage-Bruce Hem, Shaun Bannister-Hat, Stubby Holder, adrian Williams-Mug, Opposition Player Wine Award-Brewy.

Thanks to our players that rocked up, Teuns for Coaching, Melton Footy Club, Wellington Footy Club, Our Sponsors, Teuns and Mods driving the bus and everyone else. Check out photo’s Below. Well done Crays.

Wellington Wellington 1 Wellington 10 Wellington 11 Wellington 12 Wellington 13 Wellington 14 Wellington 15 Wellington 16 Wellington 17 Wellington 18 Wellington 19 Wellington 20 Wellington 21 Wellington 23

Training this week is at Martin Park on Wed and Wodonga Footy Club are putting on a pie night directly after training which means the bar is open and tea is organised. Bring the wives and kids all welcome.

Stump Raffle roster this Thurs is Ando and Grub.

Sat June 7th (this coming Sat) is the Vic Country v Vic Metro clash at Barooga directly after the Barooga v Rumbalara game. Az, ditch, Ando, Rat, Ritchie, Grub have been selected to play for Vic Country. More info see ditch.

Our next game is Rd 5 Sat 14th June against Bendigo at Birallee Park after the Raiders v Yarrawonga game. Night game. Raiders are catering with food and drink. Blue Strip. You beauty.

29/05/14. Rd 4 Murray Crays v Wellington Warriors this Sunday the 1st June at 12 midday on Oval 1 McPherson Park Coburns Rd Melton. Bus departs the Birra at 7.15am Sun and will arrive back at the Birra when we get their. Yellow strip. We hav’nt played Wellington as yet but I’ve heard they are a strong team. At this stage we have 21 players so no injuries boys. Team line up as follows.

Team Rd4

Go you Crays.

19/05/14. Results Rd 3. Cray’s went down to Echuca by 35 points at Birallee Park on Saturday night with both sides struggling for numbers. Mick Bourke at full forward and in his first game since 2011 kicked a goal in the first 30 seconds of the game. The Crays were off to a great start but unfortunately Echuca hit their straps and ran over the top of us. Easty was our only other goal kicker on the night as our goal kicking was very wayward and turning the ball over way to often. we copped a few injuries with Richo (knee), Leigh (jaw), Webby (hammy) and Phil (calf) which didnt help. Hopefully they wont miss to many games. We had a crack and didnt give up to the final siren. Final Score. Echuca. 8.6.54 def Cray’s 2.7.19. Goals. Echuca-Kevin Pascoe 2, Mark Ridge 2, Stewart Anthony 2, John Smythe 1, Peter Spencer 1. Crays-Mick Bourke 1, Craig Eastick 1. B est. Echuca-Stewart Anthony, Jeff Abella, Billy Smith, Steven Oliver, Paul Cohen, Linc Symonds. Cray’s-Brad Hallum, Mark Young, Troy Megson, Mark Felmingham, Steve Teunon, Craig Eastick, Peter Summerfield. Awards. Hair Symmetrics-Chris Modra, Tasco Fuel-Craig Eastick, Beazley Meats-Mark Young, Stump Hotel-Brad Hallam, Lloyd Curtis Massage-Troy Megson, Mug-Mark Felmingham. Thanks to H for umpiring, Raiders Trainer Kate looking after the old bodies, Wodonga Raiders Footy Club for the ground and facilities, Billy Smith and Echuca Footy Club, Stump Hotel with the catering and hospitality, Mossy and Az waving the flags, Crays footy Club and everyone who helped out. Great effort. Training this Wednesday 21st May at Martin Park at 6pm. Next game is at Melton Sunday 1st June and Bus available. Its on boys. Go you Crays.



15/05/14. Rd 3 we host our rivals Echuca on Saturday 17th May directly after Wodonga Raiders v Lavington at Birallee Park. Start time about 4.45pm and Yellow Strip. After the game we’ll have the traditional beer in the Raiders clubrooms then head out to the Stump for the awards and meal. The team as follows:


B. Webster, Leonard, Dowell

HB. Forde, Modra, R. Williams

C. Summerfield, Kelly, Schilg

HF. Iles, Bourke, Eastick

F. P. Felmingham, M. Felmingham, G. Young

R. Teunon, M. Young, Hallam

Int. Toppa, Morrison, Seal,  J. Campbell


B. Smith, Coutts, Abella

HB. Ciarlo, Symonds. Lavars

C. McCoy, Pascoe, Oliver

HF. Spencer, McPhee, Cohen

F. McGhan, Smyth, Naylor

R. Holmes, Godfrey, McKenzie

Int. Ditch

Players at ground 3pm.

05/05/14. We copped a good old fashion flogging on Saturday night at Bannockburn. Moorabool Valley 11.6.72 def Murray Crays 0.4.4. In wet and windy conditions we battled the elements and a tough opposition but credit to the Cray’s as we never gave up. Awards and Best-Notso (Stump Hotel), Hemmy (Tasco Fuel), Ando (Hair Symmetrics), Lloyd (Beazley Meats), Schilgy (Lloyd Curtis Massage), Mods (Moorabool Valley best opposition player six pack), Moons, Teuns. Thanks to Moorabool Valley for the hospitality and sparing us some players on the night. Thanks to Notso and Mods for driving the bus once again, Toppa and Mark F organising the accommodation, Trainer Maddie Hem, the Sponsors and all the players having a crack in a tough game. Great effort Crays.

A few action shots from the game. 1. Perfect conditions for footy. 2. 1st Quarter action. 3. Hemmy Award. 4. Lloyd award. 5. Ditch dropping his beer. 6. Mods award. 7. Schilgy award. 8. Ando award. 9. Notso award. 10. 3 quarter time break.

game 1  game

Hemmy award Lloyd awardditch dropping beerr Modra award  Schilgy award Ando awardMoorabool Moorabool Vallley

01/05/14. This Sat 3rd May Crays v Moorabool Valley at Bannockburn Football Ground. Yellow Strip. Bus departs the Birra 11am.  Back Sunday. Its on boys.


B. Lloyd, Leonard, Dowell

HB. Schilg, Mooney, Toppa

C. Ditch, Skinner, G. Young 

HF. R. Williams, Judge, Hem

F. P. Felmingham, M. Felmingham, Modra

R. S.Teunon, M. Young, Anderson 

Int. Ross, Devereux

28/04/14. Team Photo’s from the 1st game of the 2014 season at Glenorden.

Crays 2014 Glenorden

L to R. Mods, Youngy, Juddy, Chuck, Richo, Ditch, Moons, Rat, Moons Mother In law, Webby, Drew, Schilgy, JD, Stuey, Mark Shearer, Fish, Dave C, Teuns, Hemmy, Notso, Billy, Kevy, Brad, Easty.

27/04/14. Next training session is on Wed 30th at Birallee Park 6pm. The next game is Sat 3rd May against Moorabool Valley at Bannockburn Football Ground at 5.30pm. Yellow Strip. Bus departs the Birra 11am. Overnight trip. Toppa has booked accomodation at the Sphinx in Geelong. Get your names to Toppa or ditch if your going. Its on boys.

27/04/14. Drew Leonard in Vanuatu with his training singlet on. This year part of the deal was if your playing with the Cray’s and if you go overseas you take a photo wearing the Crays singlet. So far Moons in Vietnam, Webby and now Drew have stuck to the deal. We’re known all over the World. Albury Wodonga’s very own Superules team the mighty Murray Cray’s.

Drew Vanuatu

18/04/14. Phil Summerfield, Phil Kelly, Craig Murray, Brian Moss and ditch at the Stump having a beer last night. These blokes have been at the Crays since the club was formed. Phil as you all know was the Crays first Coach and got the footy club up and going along with Mossy and Ditch. Phil played 7 games, Mossy racked up 9 games and ditch 30. Phil Kelly has played 21 games and the Stump Hotel is our No 1 sponsor. Drib played 8 games and set up the website through his business mobile apps and websites.

Phil S, Phil K, Drib, Mossy at Stump Stump Hotel

18/04/14. Kevin Mullers shattered knuckle injured in the 2nd quarter against Glenorden. In typical Kevy fashion he played out the game and was in the best. He required surgery with a pin, screws, bone graft and ligament repair. Knowing his resilience he’ll line up for the next game.

Kevy Muller Hand injury Kevy Muller Hand injury.2

17/04/14. Great win against Glenorden in our first game for the season Sun 13th April. Thanks to Glenorden Masters for a top game of footy and the hospitality shown and well done to the Crays in a top game. Thanks to Trainer/First Aider  Maddie Hem, the Easticks, the Leonards with scoring and water. Thanks to our sponsors for the following awards. Stump Hotel-Dave Coleman, Hair Symmetrics-Kevy Muller, Beazley Meats-Adrian Williams, Tasco Inland Fuel-Mark Young, and Lloyd Curtis Remedial Massage-Tim Mooney, Chuck, Webby and Billy, Notso driving the bus to Glenorden, doing the running, playing and finishing with a goal, Mods driving the bus home and everyone else. Results. Murray Crays. 3.5  5.8  7.10  12.10.82.  Glenorden Hawks. 1.2  2.5  3.7  9.8.62.
Goals. Cray’s. T. Mooney 3, S. Larcombe 2, J. Judge 1, S. Anderson 1, B. Hallam 1, W. Schilg, 1, A. Williams 1, D. Coleman 1, G. Young 1. Best. T. Mooney, M. Young, A. Williams, K. Muller, D. Coleman, S. Anderson. Glenorden. Not Available.  Best opposition player-Darren Stevens.

17/04/14 .  Footy training next Wed 23rd April 6pm at Martin Park.

Stump raffle roster next Thurs 24th is Mark F and Junior. The raffles are going along pretty good thanks to the Stump Hotel, Beazleys Meats, all the patrons and the Crays.

The next game is Sat 3rd May against Moorabool Valley at Bannockburn Football Ground. Yellow Strip. Bus departs the Birra 11am.  Toppa has booked accomodation at the Sphinx in Geelong. Its on boys.


B. Shearer, Leonard, Dowell

HB. Shilgy, J. Teunon, R.Williams

C. Hem, Anderson, Muller

HF. Steel, Mooney, Coleman

F. Hallum, Judge, Modra

R. S.Teunon, A. Williams, M. Young

Int. G. Young, Larcombe, Eastick, Webster,

Hedley, Dalton.

Next game Sat 3rd May against Moorabool Valley in Geelong.



image03/04/14. Pictured is Mego’s recent Arthroscope on his bodgy knee. He’s got 10 days of rehab till the first game. Onya Mego.

Crays footy bags with name, number, club logo, club colours and separate section for footy boots at $40 great value.

Check out link for Mods photo’s from 2012 /2013 seasons.

Looking forward to the footy season ahead in 2014. Football its on. Albury Wodonga’s very own Superules team. Go you Crays.

20/03/14. The One Punch can Kill campaign has been in full swing for a few weeks now and just under a month ago Bruce “Wolf” Steenson (1.5.60 to 22.2.14) died from a coward punch incident in Mooloolaba Qld. He was heavily involved with the Queensland AFL Masters and it just shows how easy these sort of things happen. Check out commemorative footy jumpers and more info below.


A planned program of fundraising and commemorating Wolf’s life and contribution to AFL Masters, Gary Mitchell is co-ordinating a commemorative jumper for Wolf. The OPCK logo will be added to the jumper. All the jumpers will have number 8 and are sleeveless, and come in Small (90cm), Medium (95cm), Large (100cm), XL (105cm), 2XL (110cm), 3XL (115cm) and 4XL (120cm). The cost is $75 and all proceeds will be donated to OPCK.

There is only one way to order these jumpers and that is by emailing Gary at by Sunday March 30, 2014 with your full name, Masters footy club/State (if applicable), postal address and size(s) required.

Payment can only be done electronically by depositing $75 into MAFQ, Bank of Queensland, 124060 – 91279617. Please use your full name as the reference. There will be a commemorative game later in the season, possibly Parrots Vs Wolf’s and this jumper may be needed to get a game. The QLD President will also buy a beer to anyone at the Adelaide carnival who buys one of these jumpers. Please email Gary if you have any queries. Thank you for your support of this worthy and relevant cause. One Punch Can Kill Campaign

Carnival 16

Group shot of the teams at the Carnival-Echuca, Geelong Wagga, Crays, Presidents. Click on photo for better view. More photo’s on Carnival page.

Carnival 17

28/02/14. 2014 Cray’s Lightning Premiership Mini Football Carnival Premiers -Presidents 22. Standing. Andrew Reid (Coach), Chuck Hedley, Billy Dalton, Steve Webster, Andrew Leonard, Andrew Little, John Ervin, Dont know, Taki Gripris, Lindsay Seymour, James Hodgkin. Front. Scott Burgess, Dont know, Damian O’Connell,  Danny Steel (Captain), Glenn Eddy (Tim Flower Medallist), Mick King,  Craig Eastick, Dont know.

carnival 7 Easty, ditch and Webby doing the presentations 22/02/14.

carnival Action photo from thr Border Mail 24/02/14

24/02/14. The Crays Lightning Premiership Mini Carnival on Saturday 22nd Feb at Wodonga Senior Secondary School was a huge day. Perfect weather, the ground in top nick, plenty of food and refreshments and to top it off 5 games of action packed footy. Echuca Eagles, Murray Crays, Geelong/Wagga and Presidents competed for the Inaugural Premiership Cup and bragging rights for the next 12 months. The Presidents were victorious on the day defeating the Cray’s in the final. Their is a healthy rivalry between these two teams now so it will be a cracker when the Cray’s and Presidents match up again at next year’s Carnival. The cup is now proudly on display at the Stump Hotel. Glenn Eddy won the Tim Flower medal player of the carnival which was awarded by Craig Eastick in recognition of past player Tim.

20/02/14. Our condolences go out to Tony Flower and Families on his brother Tim’s recent passing. Tim passed away Sat night (15th Feb) after a long battle with cancer. Tim and his brother Tony played footy for the Cray’s back in 2011 and you couldn’t meet a nicer pair of blokes. Tim played footy for Federal’s in the Upper Murray League years ago before switching to Bethanga in the mid nineties in the TDFL then went on to Coach and play at Burrumbuttock in the Hume League for 3 years. Out of respect for Tim and the Flower Families the club requests all players wear black armbands at the Carnival on Saturday (22nd  Feb). R.I.P Tim.

22/02/14. The Crays Lightning Premiership Mini Carnival is on today Saturday 22nd Feb at our home ground at Wodonga Senior Secondary School. 4 teams have entered the comp-Echuca Eagles, Murray Crays, Geelong/Wagga and a Presidents team (a composite side consisting of players from Williamstown, Cray’s and local players). The winning team will be awarded the Inaugural Premiership Cup and bragging rights for the next 12 months. The Tim Flower medal will be awarded to the best player of the carnival in recognition of past player Tim.

Cray’s squad: Leonard, Little, Watkins, Judge, Dowell, McMahon, Toppa, Roberts, Young, Summerfield, Mooney, Melican, Modra, Schilg, J. Teunon, Forde, S. Teunon, Campbell, Anderson, Kelly, Brown, Shoebridge, Larcombe, Shearer, Tymensen, Deegan, Hore. Presidents Squad: Webster, Dalton, Steel, King, Griparis, Eastick, Hodgkin, Ervin, O’Connell, Hughes, Muller, Megson, Seymour, Chesser, Eddy, Hedley, Williams, Green, Burgess, Hallam, Butters.

Lightning Premiership Draw-22/02/14.

10am-Murray Cray’s vs Echuca Eagles.

10.45-Geelong/Wagga vs Presidents.

11.30-Presidents vs Echuca.

12.15-Echuca vs Geelong/Wagga. 1pm-Cray’s vs Geelong/Wagga.

1.45-Crays vs Presidents.

2.45-3rd vs 4th.

3.30-1st vs 2nd.

Games will consist of 2/12 min halves and played under official Masters rules.

Note: All competing players both old and new should ensue they have an Injury Insurance cover. Under League Superules policy the Club’s are not liable.                                                          

The  cost is $100 per team or $5 per player to cover umpire costs and use of the ground. BBQ and refreshments will be available so bring the families and friends and enjoy a day out at the footy.

 Crays ArticleCheck out this Article from Brad Worrall’s One Week at a time Sports section in the Border Mail Saturday 15th Feb.

Cray’s Player Kevin Muller’s latest report from Taiwan. Finished running in the 48 hour Marathon. He started 3pm Fri 14th Feb and finished 3pm Sun 16th Feb. Full report later. Pic below prior to start. Go you Kevy and good luck man.

Kevin Muller

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