Club Charter


– We are about having fun and maintaining physical fitness.

– Whether we win, lose or draw, is a by-product of having fun and is irrelevant.

– No player or official is to admonish another player for making a mistake. Mistakes will be made all the time, which is also irrelevant.

– No player is to engage in unduly rough play with an opponent, nor abuse the umpire, who has kindly donated his time. You will be removed from the field and possibly the club.

– A player must immediately comply with an instruction to come off the ground, or change position, to give someone else a go.

– No player or official is to behave like an idiot on the drink. Have respect for yourself, your team-mates and your community.

– Misdemeanors should not occur at all but if so will be swiftly dealt with by the committee. Do not put them in this awkward position.

– We are facilitating a family-friendly atmosphere; hence we encourage you to bring them along to the games and the functions.

-For a player to start on the ground on game-day, he must have attended training on the Wednesday prior, unless unavoidable.

– Players will not be selected on ability alone but rather their consistency in training and willingness to play away games.

– If a player can not attend training, he must contact Mossy, Skin, Reidy or ditch as a courtesy. A quick text is fine.

– If a player intends to play two or more games, he should pay a full subscription for the season.

– If a friend(s) or family member wishes to play a on-off game, either in Wodonga or away, he should make a $20 donation for a great day out.

– When the final siren sounds and we shake the hands of each opponent and official, players should be able to remain for part – but preferably all – of the after-match function. DRINK DRIVE BLOODY IDIOT.

– All egos are left at home. CARN THE CRAYS!!